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Critical appointment in Washington

Election periods have a blinding side.

When everyone focuses on ballot boxes, the country’s agenda, with the exception of elections, either becomes of secondary importance or is completely forgotten.

However, Turkey does not have such a luxury.

It is crucial not to divert attentions, and to act without diverging from a “focused” state in matters of foreign policy and security.

Ultimately, the elections will be held on June 24 and thereafter Turkey will continue engaging in its issues, some of which bear a “burning” attribute.

Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu is going to Washington on June 4, that is, the beginning of the upcoming week.

The development on the consensus of the Syria matter, which was achieved during the tenure of former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, and whether it will be implemented will become clear after Çavuşoğlu’s visit.

We comprehensively discussed the June 4 appointment and crucial subjects of the two countries’ relations in detail with Çavuşoğlu whom we accompanied on his visit to Germany and on his voyage home.

Çavuşoğlu first made contact with Trump’s new Secretary of State Pompeo in Brussels where the NATO summit was being held.

At the very beginning of the meeting, Pompeo said, “We are loyal to the agreement, come as soon as possible so that we can put it into practice.”

It is sufficient if we would understand that the agreement is cleansing Manbij from the YPG terror group, which is the extension of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) , and thereafter executing the same model in other regions in northern Syria.

From Çavuşoğlu’s statements, who was being frank and confident while he was narrating these subjects, we understood the reference with which he took action with in these negotiations: the demographic distribution of settlements.

That is to say, managing the process through being loyal to the demographic characteristics of each province as it was before the Syrian war.

I can say that this formula seems pretty humane and logical.

We can mention some statements of Çavuşoğlu that fall into this framework as follows:

“The Manbij model will be a model for later. We will go to another province, let’s say Raqqa. Kobane, in the same manner... If the population consists of Kurds mostly, it is natural that the administration will be in the hands of Kurds. PKK also exiled Kurds. Those Kurds need to return.”

Successfully implementing this model means putting part of the questions with regard to the east of the Euphrates to rest.

If a collaboration comes about between Turkey and the U.S. through, and is put into practice, we could see the result of many settlements that are in control of the YPG, primarily Tell Abyad, being returned to their true owners.

We also discussed the F-35 war jet issue with Çavuşoğlu.

He said that he did not have concerns about the F-35 planes being delivered to Turkey and added: “It is because this is an inclusive agreement of which the cost has been paid. It also includes the manufacturing of parts. We have paid our installments to date. This agreement doesn’t have to do with the matter of the S-400 missiles or anything else. This is not an agreement where you can say, ‘Well, I am bored. I do not want to play anymore.’ It also has restrictions. Until now, there is no such pressure from the government wing. That is why I see no concerns.”

However, what if we think about the worst scenario?

“Then, there will be a legal process. The way Turkey didn’t become hopeless when it couldn’t purchase air defense systems from its allies, it will not be hopeless in this situation either,” he said.

Turkish General Staff perturbed by hits below the belt

-The presidential candidate for the Republic People’s Party (CHP), Muharrem İnce, met “SoloTürk,” the Turkish Air Forces aerobatic team, and their flying demonstration was canceled.

-The ‘SoloTürk’ team was punished for posing with İnce.

-The fear of İnce: The flying stunt of the ‘SoloTürk’ team who had its photo taken with Muharrem İnce in Samsun was canceled.

-FLASH FLASH… Is ‘SoloTürk’ crossed out too?

These were the headings of reports published in pro-opposition media outlets on Tuesday.

We deem it natural that a political understanding that easily lies has a media power bearing the same characteristics.

To be clear, this news has no rhyme nor reason because SoloTürk’s show was canceled way before İnce’s visit.

It is a fact that such news causes discomfort in the General Staff.

I want to summarize what I’ve heard from circles of the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) as follows:

-It is being said that what the Turkish Armed Forces need is moral support, rather than becoming a matter of debate due to such baseless reports.

-It is being said that members of the Turkish Armed Forces who are multitasking in activities such as preventive intelligence, armed struggles, maintaining order and safety, providing food and accommodation aid to civilians are in great need of moral support.

- Versatile efforts are being conducted to maintain stability in the Euphrates Shield region, and establishing stability in Afrin and its surroundings. On the other hand, an important and inclusive military operation is being carried out in northern Iraq. Our army is taking control of the transition routes between Qandil and Turkish territory in a bid to avoid them from being used again. It is being said that members of the separatist terror organization (PKK) are not being given the chance to make winter preparations, and that all caves are being searched.

-As all this is happening, the discomfort due to the attempts of the opposition to politicize the TAF and deem it as a “supporter” is being articulated.


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