The codes of the executive presidency era

Those who incurred the wrath of international powers searched for a hero.

Maduro, the president of Venezuela where inflation rates have risen to 10 thousand percent, who was living in Germany in the 1920s, crossed continents and came to Ankara to attend the presidential inauguration ceremony the previous day at the Presidential Complex.

Prior to his visit, he referred to President Erdoğan as "the leader of the new multi-polar world."

Why did Maduro opt for such a compliment?

Because someone who can proceed on his march without surrendering to the poisonous tentacles of an octopus deserves to be referred to as a hero.

Erdoğan was also the target of the semi-covert, semi-overt agendas of that established order.

To be more precise, we can speak of a secretly-planned and blatantly executed agenda.

We have heard the statement that the "International order has discarded Tayyip Erdoğan" five or six years ago.

If we were to interpret the 5-year period, referred to as the "fight" by most people, on Erdoğan's behalf, we can describe it as a process executed in the form of "uncovering liquidation plans, resisting it publicly, raising the awareness of the public therein and getting the support of the conscious public.

Please recall that on the eve of the June 2015 elections, pro-PKK Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) leader Selahattin Demirtaş made the remark: "We won't let you become president" three times and thus repeated "his oath."

Why did he speak in such manner?

There was only one thing expected from him and the Fetullah Terror Organization (FETÖ).

Not to let Erdoğan become president.

But he did!

Tayyip Erdoğan became the president of Turkey.

On the previous day, the simple ceremony held at the Presidential Complex was reported to have been greeted with grudges by the circles whose conspiracies against Erdoğan failed.

If we review the profiles of foreign attendees, we see the reflections of the failures of their plots, more precisely the reflections of being unable to stomach their defeat.

If we were to investigate the last five years and anticipate the next five, we can talk about a new period where conspiring against Erdoğan gets harder and internal tools lose their influence.

That is to say;

-Turkey's security risks have decreased when compared to the past.

-The wings of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), Daesh and FETÖ have been clipped.

-Turkey now has the ability to confront threats created by such organizations across borders.

-In other words, the threats against our country can be neutralized way before they affect it.

In political terms, the days in which the HDP conjured itself as an enemy force against Erdoğan and the AK Party as opposed to a political rival are behind us.

FETO’s 'chaotic' actions and rhetoric have declined in our country at the very least.

All these aspects point to a single fact:

That a climate of peace and tranquility will reign in the next five years if we can make the best of it.

While President Erdoğan was announcing his "declaration of intent" the previous day, he emphasized his responsibility, saying that "there are no more excuses" and also referred to the new era as "the period of recovery and construction."

Let me highlight these words in his declaration:

"The first challenge of our quest on which we have embarked by saying "Bismillah" will be to achieve our goals for 2023. Our duty is to work for the recovery and establishment of our civilization. We will ensure that all of our citizens will benefit from all kinds of rights and freedoms, and from the rich resources of our country, without discriminating between belief, religion, disposition, region or province. "

We know that Erdoğan's reaction to the results of the June 24 elections was a result and work-oriented focus, not being drunk on his victory, just like in the previous elections.

How do we know this?

Since we know that when he called people to thank them for their efforts during his election he prayed and said, "I hope God will bestow us with a brighter future."

As of the previous day, a new door has opened for Turkey not only in the sense of benefiting from a 5-year period filled with opportunities, but also in the sense of "recovery and establishment" that Erdoğan talked about.

An atmosphere that could be a role model on the global scale for Turkey, as well a source of inspiration, and paving the way for various triggers may manifest.

Because in today's environment where the fault lines of the established order are cracking, Maduro is not alone, nor is Erdoğan...


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