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Turkey started to respond to UAE in the only language it understands

I do not know if this caught your attention.

A day after President Tayyip Erdoğan's visit to Algeria, UAE foreign minister arrived in the same country.

You can also take a wild guess as to what he is going to say.

In order to suggest "don't do as he says, you listen to us.".

You know, Abu Dhabi has a sneaky Crown Prince.

Mohammed Bin Zayed…

If you take a look at his photo, you can immediately tell his character matches his appearance.

This man has been using all means at his disposal to sabotage every step Ankara has taken in recent years, especially towards the Arab world.

By playing the "Arab nationalism" card, he tries to undermine Turkey's attempts to develop friendly ties with Arab countries and sabotage Ankara’s efforts to develop joint initiatives to solve crises.

He is trying to play the role of "unskilled bully" on his gaze upon the Arab quarter, guarding those who enter and leave the neighborhood.

Even worse are this man's efforts to overthrow the government through non-democratic means in Turkey, by giving his de facto support for the coup attempt.

But as he was giving his support, we should also say that he is “getting called out on it.”

Three years ago, at an even I attended, where among the participants was Foreign Minister Mevlut Çavuşoğlu who said "When a Muslim country provides $3 billion in funds for the attempted coup in Turkey," after a quick research, I found out that that country was the United Arab Emirates.

We recall that in June 2017, President Erdoğan also broke his silence on that day and sent harsh messages to the UAE administration.

For example, in one of his speeches on one of these occasions, Erdoğan said:

“If a certain country has intelligence agencies, we have them too. We know very well how they spent that night. What happened in Turkey, what is happening, it is done, is he gone, did it reach the desired results, is it going to? We know very well those who followed it. We know very well how their money is spent.”

So where, how was this money spent, and where is it currently being spent?

We may assume that some of it was spent on lobbying activities for propaganda on the ground.

We can list all the ways money was lavished on trolls on social media, spent on lobbying activities carried out using methods in line with the American style, through contacts with channels, think tanks, international organizations and media organizations that broadcast in English.

But apart from lobbying activities, there is also implicit/explicit intel about their affiliation with FETÖ members.

Last summer, when I was talking to a senior security official who holds a seat in Ankara's decision-making circles, I personally witnessed him referring to the UAE as a 'cancer cell'.

The same name mentioned Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Libya (Putschist general Khalifa Haftar) while listing the countries where this cancer has 'metastasized', and suggested that we, as journalists, closely monitor the developments there.

There are multiple reasons for this metaphor.

If we needed to list these reasons, we can say that first comes the discomfort they feel due to the broad sympathy felt towards Turkey’s leadership throughout Arab streets.

As one of the close associates of President Erdoğan said, they are not at ease in their own seats in front of their own people.

Demands coming from the street inspired by the Turkish model have prompted the need for “impulsive punishment.”

In recent weeks, the UAE’s “below the belt” blows continued as they tracked Turkey’s foreign policy activities “like its shadow,” pointing to a “new type of procedures” that would respond to these provocations in a language that the UAE would understand.

The first example took the form of adding the UAE’s Mohammad Dahlan, used as a subcontractor in action against Turkey, to the red category on the list of wanted terrorists.

This decision taken by the Ministry of Interior means that this man, used by Mohammad Bin Zayed to do his 'dirty deeds', will be no different than the PKK.

So this is a start that will go beyond just verbal responses.

We can also look to Turkey's initiatives in Libya to support this argument about Turkey’s new method of response to UAE provocations.

According to the latest report published in Bloomberg, Turkey’s strengthening of air defenses in Tripoli, has altered the “balance of power” between warring parties in Libya.

While reading news about the “targeting” of Turkish Intel Chief Hakan Fidan originating from Israel, we can also make the connection between this report and what we had previously mentioned here.


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