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As the West's Democrat mask slides off its face…

I have to say I enjoyed watching the referendum process that ended with the U.K.'s exit from the EU, the counting of the votes and the first reactions that came with the announcement of the results. The referendum that went back and forth between “s... more

Series connection from Orlando to Firuzağa

We have been listening to a single tune since Daesh made it to the top of the world list: “Islamic terrorism.” We say that while the hormone-injected al-Qaida, in other words Daesh, carries out a vast range of atrocities in this digital age that we l... more

Are you with Daesh, PYD or Assad?

Three years ago, I wrote an article for my blog. It was during the first days of the Gezi Park incidents which were wreaking havoc on Turkey. The post titled “Erdoğan gemileri neden yaktı?” (Why did Erdoğan burn the ships?), drew more attention than ... more

Who is providing guns to the PKK and Daesh?

On the night of May 12, an enormous explosion occurred in Diyarbakir, Sur's Dürümlü village, caused by 15 tons of explosives planted in a truck. The enormous blast created a 35-meter-wide, five-meter-deep crater in the ground and killed 13 civilians.... more

Is there a common definition of terror?

Sometimes we get so caught up in everyday politics that we miss developments and statements on structural change and transformation and neglect looking at these matters from a global perspective.The messages President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has been gi... more

Is a ground operation on Syria on the way?

There is supposedly a cessation of hostilities in Syria, but it is not that way at all in reality. It was reported that following increased airstrikes by Syrian leader Bashar Assad's regime and Russian forces in Aleppo – it is like a joke but – the U... more

Secularism as an exception of freedom of expression

The human memory is truly handicapped by forgetfulness. Parliament Speaker İsmail Kahraman's statement, “Secularism should not be in the new constitution," which he made during a meeting for the new constitution, has led to controversy in Turkey. It ... more

As the U.S.-Saudi Arabia marriage ends...

U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt and Saudi King Abdulaziz bin Suud came together on the USS Quincy warship anchored in the Suez Canal toward the end of World War II in 1945. After that day, U.S. oil companies would turn the Saudi Kingdom into the wo... more

'Unsustainable' world order and the Panama Papers

Shortly before world leaders gathered for the World Economic Forum in Davos in January, UK aid organization Oxfam published a report revealing in summary that the wealth of 1 percent of the world's richest is equal to 99 percent of the rest of the wo... more

The thawed conflict area: Nagorno-Karabakh

An issue with historic roots, has just woken up from its deep sleep in south Caucasia. Tension (about the Karabakh area) that would create a new conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia has dominated the region for two years. Many things needed to be ... more

Media as a war zone

There are tons of developments taking place in Turkey, in the region and the world, about which we need to ponder. There are many issues that concern us directly such as the political tremors in other countries and global economy, the conflict betwee... more


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