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'Hand over Erdoğan and it will be over'

Turkey has been taken hostage. We have a gun held to our head; they are killing one of us every day. Our lives have been taken hostage. They are saying, “Hand over [President Recep Tayyip] Erdoğan and it will be over.”Remember Kurdistan Workers' Part... more

Syria's future...Turkey's future...

As backs are turned on the civil war in Syria at the end of five years, there are signals that a new period is starting. It seems that the superpowers have made decisions on behalf of the Syrians. Despite the many opinions that the cessation of hosti... more

Diyarbakır in Western media vs Diyarbakır in reality

The trip to Diyarbakır began in the early hours of the day… During the flight I read an article in the U.S. weekly magazine, The Nation… The article written by Jesse Rosenfeld is titled, “Turkey Is Fighting a Dirty War Against Its Own Kurdish Populat... more

An operation on Mosul or Raqqa?

Brett McGurk, U.S. President Barack Obama's Special Representative for the anti-Daesh coalition, during his press meeting in Baghdad said that a rescue operation for Mosul would soon start. However, this is not McGurk's first piece of good news on Mo... more

How did Igor Sergun die?

The Kremlin announced the death of Gen. Igor Dmitrievich Sergun, the director of the Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, on Jan. 4 with a short statement. It was reported that the ca... more

Where has Saudi Arabia gone?

Throughout history, the progress of wars has changed and the parties have changed their policies. However we have never seen changes happen within hours, or these sudden changes affect the policies of the parties, as we have in the recent regional ch... more

Middle East's new Zionists

The founders of a new fanatic and nationalist movement that emerged in Europe in the 19th century, decided to talk with the super powers of the time to realize their ideals, namely their idea to establish a Jewish state. The movement's founder Theodo... more

Why can't the US call PYD a terror organization?

When the Syrian Democratic Union Party's (PYD) armed wing People's Protection Units (YPG) persisted on pushing Turkey's red lines in Azaz, Turkey took action from the border with limited intervention to prevent the new design planned in North Syria. ... more

The Soviets in Afghanistan, Russians in Syria…

The Soviet Union sent the 40th Army to Afghanistan. Before Soviet troops entered Afghanistan, in 1978, communist Nur Muhammad Taraki, who was praised as “Afghanistan's Maxim Gorky,” staged a coup with KGB support and took office. The first thing Tara... more

A new threat on the Turkey-Syria border: Russia

The "intervention in Syria" was one of the hottest debates in media in June and July last year. Turkey is challenged by the increasing Daesh threat on its border, while the Democratic Union Party (PYD) is also starting to pose a threat to the country... more

Will the Geneva talks yield any result?

Four-hundred years ago, Europe was in a bloody sectarian war among Christians. During this period known as the “30 Year Wars,” 8 million people died in Europe. Although the it was fundamentally a Protestant-Catholic conflict, the reason most countrie... more

How are Gaza and Hamas affected by developments in the region?

Israeli newspaper making various claims on matters regarding which agreement has been reached in the news story titled, “Turkey-Israel reach agreement,” brought to the agenda Israel-Turkey relations in the Mavi Marmara, Gaza and energy triangle. Turk... more


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