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The struggle with ISIL and intervention in Syria

Last year, around this time, the American government felt the need to break their long silence and take the stage again after ISIL captured Iraq's second biggest city, Mosul, and then Tikrit. Obama retired from the stage by saying “There is no justic... more

The balances that change when the kings change ​

Since the death of Abdullah Bin Abdülaziz, the King of Saudi Arabia, great mobility and visible changes have occurred in the Middle East. I guess this was the most significant development of 2015 so far. Selman Bin Abdülaziz, who replaced Abdullah, s... more

The CHP and Xenophobia

Not many had guessed that the Nazi Party founded in 1919 by a group of jobless German soldiers and extreme right-wing Germans could come to power. After World War I, Germany was economically miserable; this is what led to the rise of the Nazis. Adolf... more

Yeni Şafak's documents and Gülen's Freemasonry structure

Yeni Şafak is shedding light on the history of Turkey and a number of issues we discuss, through an exclusive file series consisting of historical documents, which will continue to be released according to İbrahim Karagül's column from yesterday. The... more

The arranged marriage between Iran and P5+1

On Thursday night, Iran and the P5+1 countries (US, Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany) arrived at an agreement over certain parameters, which constitutes a pre-agreement, in the ongoing nuclear negotiations in Lausanne, Switzerland. The nego... more

Who is behind the Çağlayan attack?

It will not be easy for anyone to get over the effects of the news from the Çağlayan Courthouse on Tuesday, when the weird nationwide blackout happened, and the happenings afterwards. Also, the efforts of the militants, who refer to themselves as jou... more

We've come to the end of proxy wars

When a youngster named Muhammed Buazizi set himself on fire right in the middle of a bazaar in Tunisia, that day, December 17, 2010, had gone down in history as the beginning of Arab Spring. Since that day, there were some great diffractions in the A... more

Before and after Kobani….

Erdoğan's criticisms related with the resolution process and later on the polemics, which started with Bülent Arınç's rebuke, has shaken up the agenda. While anti-Erdoğan circles were baking a dough like “You see, Erdoğan is against the process", the... more

You’ve failed to stage a coup; just call it a day

Last weekend, the pro-coup Egyptian administration started to hang the opponents of the coup, whom they had detained in hundreds and indicted at a single session following the anti-coup protests. Mahmoud Ramadan was the first person who was executed.... more

Understanding Gezi…

You will know this buzzword from the past few years; the Stockholm Syndrome. We could identify this as a hostage’s empathy and sympathy towards the person, who took him/her hostage, during the time of captivity; in other words, a hostage’s understand... more

The death of King Abdullah from Iran’s view

On days, where the agendas advance with a mad pace, and at times, where it’s impossible to write article series, I actually started writing a 2-parted article on the Yemen crisis on Thursday. However, on the night that connected to Friday, the King o... more

The woman victims of the war

Her name is Aadila. For the past two years, she has been living in a refugee camp in Nizip, in Turkey’s southeastern province of Gaziantep. When a barrel bomb, the gift of the Assad regime, fell into the street where her house was, she deserted her h... more

The paradigm shift from nationalism into factionalism

After the resolution process took its place on our agenda, one of the most controversial topics that turned up on TV channels and newspaper columns is the question, “Who is going to fill the gap after PKK?”This actually was a strange question. It was... more


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