'Hand over Erdoğan and it will be over' - MERVE ŞEBNEM ORUÇ

'Hand over Erdoğan and it will be over'

Turkey has been taken hostage.

We have a gun held to our head; they are killing one of us every day.

Our lives have been taken hostage.

They are saying, “Hand over [President Recep Tayyip] Erdoğan and it will be over.”

Remember Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) leader and Kurdish Communities Union (KCK) Co-Chair Cemil Bayık's interview published in the British Times this week. He said, “My goal is to oust Erdoğan.”

“We want to oust Erdoğan. We are the greatest obstacle preventing his dreams from coming true. If Erdoğan eliminates us, he will win. We want to topple Erdoğan and the AKP [Justice and Development Party]. Unless Erdoğan and the AKP are toppled, Turkey can never become a democratic country.” PKK Leader Bayık is telling us, “Hand over Erdoğan and take Turkey. If you do not surrender Erdoğan, you are going to die every day.” The PKK leader is saying this. Are we going to trust his word? Are we going to believe what he is saying?

Remember the messages the PKK leaders and Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) administrators sent to the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) at the start of summer. They had said: “Are you the people's army, the AKP's or the palace's army?” They killed soldiers every day to provoke the army to make a coup. They tried to take the army hostage and said, “Hand over Erdoğan and it will be over.”

Now it is the people's turn. They are telling us, “If you do not give Erdoğan, you will die.”

They consider the blood of everybody they martyred in the streets, bus stops, city centers as legitimate. They are changing method and getting down from the mountains an into the cities, they are coming from the east to the west, from villages to metropolises; they are uniting with all illegal organizations and targeting civilians; they are claiming that they are going to properly fulfill the tender they received to oust Erdoğan.

Remember, this project was first given to those who organized the Gezi incidents. They tried to fill the community with hatred toward Erdoğan who was suddenly announced “dictator.” Erdoğan was demonized. It did not work. They failed. Then the Gülenist Terror Organization (FETÖ) came into the scene; agents who were placed within the state for 30 years came out of their holes and took over the subcontracting position. They tried to do what they could not get the people to do from within the state. It did not work, they failed again. The process that began with Kobani turned into the PKK and Daesh taking over the tender. Next up was terror. Now they are telling us, “If you do not willfully accept it, you will do so through death.” Are we going to bow down?

They kill and their affiliates in the media and social media are legitimizing their acts. They are saying, “Hand over Erdoğan,” their affiliates say “You are still here, so it won't end” in support. Gülenists, Syrian leader Bashar Assad's supporters, leftists, Americans and Americanists are all applauding. Will we fall for this game? Will we support this play? We will kneel?


We are not going to kneel.

What about the AK Party staff, what will you do?

Will you say “Our voices are low” and continue to keep quiet? When it is time to read poems you recite, “Give us strength. Oh God, do not leave the battlefield without a wrestler,” but when it is time to take the stage, shoulder the responsibility, are you going to flee?

You thought it would end with the Gezi incidents, but it didn't. You thought it would end after the local elections, but it didn't. You thought you would be relieved after the presidential elections, but it did not happen. The general elections were the end, you thought it would end, but it didn't. You attempted to build the great and new Turkey for 20 years later; it was all good and nice, but you could not even show the courage to plan for the next five years and develop both acute and permanent strategies. You thought, “Erdoğan will wave his magic wand and save us somehow.” You said “Syria” only because Erdoğan said “Syria.” You could not even grasp what Syria meant. Syria was Aleppo Syria was Hatay. You failed to understand. You declared as agents those who warned you, who said “gather yourselves, let's do something.” You thought that waving flags in front of embassies was jihad. You thought that tweeting for Syrians while enjoying your shisha (water pipe) was pan Islamism. You waited. You fell into heedlessness, you became lazy. You attacked when they said there was a position, but you fled when they said “there is work, struggle, sweat, effort, tears, fight and war.”

You continued to sleep in Aleppo and Hama and Homs. You were shaken with the Gezi incidents but still continued to sleep. You left the front to take the positions that opened after vacated by the parallel organization on Dec. 17 and Dec. 25. What's worse is, when the Kobani incidents spread to Turkey on Oct. 6-7, you stretched in you leather chairs when you were warned that “This is a test. Soon the real one will come,” and said to those who warned you: “We are selling a dream, what are you talking about.”

When I say this, some think I am criticizing the AK Party's foreign policy. They are comparing us, who have been trying to explain for years the reality of the Syria matter, with those who slam the Syria policy. The Syria policy was one of Turkey's most noble, conscientious and moral policies. I am not criticizing the Syria policy or the will behind it, but those who fail to implement that policy, who are afraid, who make rhetoric but do not produce work and those who have forgotten the truth of the matter. And as a last hope I am saying to them, wake up and start sweating. Wake up, unite, gather, do not open new fronts. While the whole world has united, do not divide us and please the enemy.

Wake up. Shake yourselves off. If you are any later, the moment you look you will realize that we have been in civil war for a long time. If you sleep a little longer, you will wake up to see you have become a refugee. Wake up. And when you see this nation with a gun held to its head, do not leave them alone with the threat of “Hand over Erdoğan and it will be over” and the manipulation of “Erdoğan or Turkey.”


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