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It is time to shield Erdoğan

On Friday, we were in Nevşehir with Justice Minister Bekir Bozdağ. He was asked about the telephone call July 15 fugitive Adil Öksüz received from the U.S.'s Istanbul consulate general six days after the coup attempt and the statement made by the U.S. Embassy. As is known, in the flash statement it made, the U.S. Embassy accepted that Öksüz was called by the consulate general and that this call was directly proportional to the help request that came from the police department to inform him following the cancellation of his visa to prevent him from fleeing. Naturally, Minister Bozdağ asked: “If the U.S. Embassy calls every individual whose visa they cancel via phone call, the embassy should publish a list of all the Turkish citizens who were called after their visas were cancelled.”

Think about it, you supposedly cancel the visa of a coup suspect, a terrorist in accordance with the police department's request for help and, without wasting any time, you inform him: “For your information, we cancelled your visa.”

One naturally wonders what is so special about this Öksüz that the U.S. cooperates with the police department, but all of the Fetullahist Terror Organization (FETÖ) members who quickly fled to the U.S. all have their visas, residency and work permits intact; nobody is extraditing them. Let alone FETÖ leader Fetullah Gülen's extradition, he is not even under house arrest. Every request by Turkey for help and cooperation as a requirement of alliance, is ignored by U.S. authorities saying, “There is not enough evidence. There are no concrete data. We couldn't see a FETÖ connection.” But when Öksüz is in question, U.S. authorities cancel his visa without wasting any time.

Aren't you curious too? What makes Öksüz special?

This week, Batuhan Yaşar from Türkiye newspaper had written that the Akıncı Air Base bill of indictment would cause a stir. Really, everything that took place in the recent days, the details that reflected in the media as the bill of indictment was read, even Öksüz's telephone call traffic shows that Yaşar is right. Also, the referendum is approaching and time is running out, the circle is getting smaller for those whose masks have fallen off.

Halkbank's international banking Vice General Manager Mehmet Hakan Atilla's detention on the return from his U.S. trip this week and, as a matter of fact, this happening on the eve of the Donald Trump administration's Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's visit to Turkey was a development connected to this. This happening now, while Atilla had traveled to and from the U.S. seven times between 2014 and 2017, shows the detention has a place in terms of the Trump-Established Order conflict in the U.S. in addition to its political aspect. It is obvious that this move by the established order aimed at sabotaging the efforts to open the new doors of dialogue between the Trump administration and Turkey, is to minimize the play area of the Trump administration as it is to minimize Ankara's play area.

We witnessed a similar sabotage when last weekend, U.K. Foreign Minister Boris Johnson and Prince Edward visited Turkey. U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May is in pursuit of establishing new relationships, opening new doors for the U.K. with the Brexit decision. Hence, including the anti-Turkey sentiment that is systematically rising as the joint policy of states in the European continent, it separates itself in many matters from countries like Germany. The Turkey report that was published by the U.K. Parliament Foreign Affairs Committee in conflict with the U.K. government despite this, coincided with the night Johnson arrived in Antalya. Even though the report accepts that several Gülenists were involved in the coup, it was provokingly saying there is no evidence that the Gülen organization was behind it. The Gülen effect was a crystal-clear fact. But what's more is that it was targeting the rapport between the U.K. and Turkey.

On the inside, first, the Galatasaray Football Club Executive Board's outburst concerning FETÖ members, then in their FETÖ case on Friday, the discharge of those among them who are known by all to commit crimes in the name of FETÖ and sharing a video on the Yıldız Holding-affiliated Ülker brand's corporate account filled with implications of assassination aimed at President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, reminding of Zaman newspaper's subliminal messages as an April Fool's Day joke, shows that this alliance is going to continue provocations aimed at causing a stir among the public by continuing to attack the nation's nerve endings as April 16 approaches, giving the feeling that they can even dare to intend to kill the president.

Around about the same days, the International Amnesty Organization is starting a campaign titled, “Free the journalists in Turkey,” yet almost everybody knows that the majority of those who they call journalists are coup plotters and terrorists. Meanwhile, Turks who are not Gülenists, chiefly the Turkish imams, who are sent to EU countries as government officials – or civilians, it does not really make a difference – they are collectively accused of being agents sent to these countries by Erdoğan.

It is the topic of a different article, but beyond everything, the golden shot that is going to cause the division of the “yes” camp is being sought in northern Iraq.

All these and the hundreds of developments are more than enough to understand what April 16 signifies for those who determine the world order. It is clear that terrorist organizations and FETÖ in particular are right at the center of this fight. Despite this, when everything is happening out in the open for all eyes to see, while the Masked Ball is over and all guns have been drawn, those who still try to spread the, “Europe wants Turkey's well-being” nonsense, whether they believe it or not, are really surprising.

In a nutshell, all that is happening show that the period before and, as a matter of fact, after April 16 will not be easy. They all have Erdoğan on their target board, they are no longer hiding this. Then, right now, he is the one we need to focus on protecting, the one we need to shield. Nothing other than our faith is more important than this. God forbid, if something happened to him, chaos would rise and people would start settling the score themselves, with everyone at each other's throats in this foggy atmosphere and leading the country to a terrible darkness. Otherwise, the future is bright. Because the union of those who attacked our unity has fallen apart and they are about to fall out with each other. We shall discuss the how in the upcoming days.

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