The map emerging from Sochi has everyone in the West talking

Analyses are never-ending. They will drown you in unimaginable details, but never “put together” all the information they scattered. They are no different from a data buildup, or even just gibberish. 

 The Ukraine war, tensions in the regions this war has affected, show that the earth is starting to lean towards the Caucasus and Central Asia. All the current developments, which are dangerous and filled with dilemmas, are making strategic and logistical buildup on the front where the real war will take place. 

 In brief, Washington targeting both Moscow and Beijing makes “some” of the stops in between at least as critical a superpower. 

 This might be considered “macro,” but a macro angle is the formation of a new world order. Pay no attention to what anybody says as their claims are not enough to give even an outline.  


 Considering the current international situation, the primary cluster that requires attention is Iran, Russia, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan. The Caspian’s coast. “Alignment” might not be the correct term to describe what these countries currently have among them, but they are showing signs of “agreement”. 

 This is a strategic development. They had an agreement in the past that objected to foreigners entering this basin, and now they are strengthening that agreement. They are focusing on all four sides of the compass in terms logistics/transport as well. 

 The cluster is effective on and related to the Black Sea. In other words, it is politically related to the Ukraine war, but “in reality,” the Russian takeover of Mariupol has changed the picture. The panorama not only shows that the Black Sea will close in on Ukraine in time, it also creates double-sided synergy. Russia’s internal and external waterways “connect” all the basins on the relevant map. Despite the fact that Eurasia is essentially a land mass! 


In this respect, Russia has ensured integrity over the “center”! In other words, all this is happening while the U.S. is trying to ensure the Western alliance’s consolidation. This is also why Crimea and Ukraine - East Europe – are important. 


If our academics, colleagues, and retired commanders were to step back to take a brief break from focusing on the few current squares on the chess board, they would realize the situation in the 64 squares. Washington missed this. Ankara did not. 


The logistics/transportation part falls on a different “path” on the map, and here, “everything” is strategic. Russia’s great trade ports in the Black Sea – of course, Türkiye’s ones are included – its fuel and gas lines, transport routes, present “major playing” power to the actors' names on the huge map connecting to China. 


Counting the days into the Ukraine war and calculating how many kilometers were taken/given in this process is no longer significant. The new map is placing Russia and China in the heart of Eurasia, including East Europe. Whoever is responsible for the Ukraine war made a mistake in their gambit to save the seats in Washington. Sacrificing the world for the White House! 





But the U.S. is starting to wake up. 


There are those who realize the massive mistake in the U.S.: The West has started taking steps to return to the Caucasus and Central Asia for Eurasia, regarding which the U.S.’s failure became manifest with the Afghans who fell off the aircraft. 


My archive alone is enough to show that Europe, U.K., EU, and U.S. relations in the region are systematic, and carried out within the frame of a certain mindset. (From the CIA president’s secret visits to some countries in the region to the Aug. 5 summit between President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.) 


Some regional countries’ strategic value might multiply tenfold. Azerbaijan is not only one of these countries, it is also the first of these countries! Baku is entering the most valuable term in its history, and hopefully, it will become the region’s shining star – if it plays its cards right. 


We need to elaborate on “playing the cards right” because it’s not that simple. The U.S., the U.K., Iran, and Israel are striving to keep Azerbaijan distant from Russia and Türkiye. These efforts are supported by the EU as well. The Iran and Israel dynamics are different. It might change depending on the circumstances. They have different interests in West Asia and the Middle East. However, it should be known that – based on the war between Armenia and Azerbaijan, and its outcome – when countries in the same region support one another, very much like the example of how “water buoyancy is the same for everyone,” the remaining pillars are limited. 


The results of the war with Armenia alone are not the signifiers of Baku’s importance. We need to remember Putin and Aliyev’s meeting on Feb. 22, just the Ukraine attack, which started on Feb. 24, and now the frequent Western visits to the region. 


The latest Astana visit, the Iraq events, the efforts to enter the Black Sea, and the upcoming Sochi summit are all critical developments. The West realized that the order, which is starting to be established in the region has reached a higher level, and is attacking the center. 






Hence, the Aug. 5 summit is important. It is clear that the leaders of two big countries who just met will discuss “very different” matters. 


At the time of writing this column, the House speaker’s aircraft was said to be headed in the direction of the island. A brief note on the crisis between the U.S. and China is that the U.S., whose plans in Ukraine and Europe did not go so well, is now harassing China through Taiwan. The military development and statements presented following the meeting between U.S. President Joe Biden and his Taiwanese counterpart Xi Jingpin, will reach a different level of alarm with Pelosi’s visit. Everything that is happening presently is included in the "global flow.” 


There are four reasons why the U.S. is doing this. We will discuss them all as well. 

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