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Closing down Incirlik, opening Turkish bases

The U.S. has thousands of military bases and plants around the world. The most important among these are the three in Germany, Japan and Turkey’s Incirlik.When the coordinates of these three bases are joined, you can see the global shield/siege line ... more

Will Ankara or Moscow approach the US faster?

Their first mistake was this: As they launched the proxy wars which have nowadays turned into a boring cliché, they assumed that one of the main actors would not come to the field…But it did…That is why, a military maneuver on the scale of an “operat... more

Those who hit Israel’s jet and Russia’s Ankara-Damascus plan

The presence of a special conjuncture that supports Turkey’s “driving example” position in the Great Middle East cannot be denied. This is one of the reasons why the internal-external resistance points have diminished.The U.S.’s crisis in the region ... more

Russia-Turkey: Here’s the final plan

The partnership started by Ankara, Moscow and Tehran was a triangle built to establish order and stability in Syria. Syria was the primary agreement, but whether it had “a confidential and greater objective” was a matter of curiosity.“The problem had... more

For how many minutes can you 'reproach' the US president?

The meetings between Turkish and U.S. leaders are always important.What increases the strategic level of the gathering besides this "standard significance" is the two countries': 1. Tensions in the relations between them, 2. Tensions in their domesti... more

Whether Barzani gives up or not…

The tweet posted by the U.K.’s Ambassador to Turkey Richard Moore in response to the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) Chairman Devlet Bahçeli, carries the concern of “not becoming involved in the consequences” of the northern Iraqi Kurdistan Regional... more

Where is North Korea trying to strike?

Why aren’t they trying to overthrow the Pyongyang government?Why aren’t they striking North Korea?Why aren’t the defense systems of the U.S. and countries in the region running?What should be known in the name of the crisis that has caught the U.S. b... more

The choice is ‘yours’: Iran or Israel?

We are probably the only ones who did not understand the impact of Iran’s ‘war delegation’ Turkey visit…Because this visit, which happened after some decades and sent messages with its participants and duration, is interpreted outside as “The Middle ... more

Missile crisis: Countdown

Beyond the number, range and the striking capability of the missiles, there is a single political-military question that needs to be answered.During the Cold War years, the world discovered the following question that will lead to the answer: “Is thi... more

Introduction to the New World

U.S. President Donald Trump signed into law the bill “to oppose the U.S.’s enemies via sanctions,” which he signed unwillingly – as a matter of fact, which he almost openly said he was “forced” to sign – and imposed sanctions on North Korea, Iran and... more

Compatible with the US?

I would like to ask you; what kind of a link do you see between the Pentagon’s statement on Monday afternoon regarding the S-400s that Turkey will buy: “With any ally, with any partner with whom we inter-operate ... we want them to buy things and inv... more

Israel protected the crown prince that night

Black holes are being opened in the Middle East.Part of these have been transpiring. Certain top secret operations are also being "sensed." Funny business.During the time, in which the conditions the Gulf countries presented to Doha in the Gulf crisi... more