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Turkey-US: Consensual divorce in February

Four elections: 1) -- Turkey's June 7 general elections 2) -- The recent February Assembly of Experts and parliamentary elections in Iran 3) -- The Russian Duma elections originally scheduled to be held in October, but changed to September by Preside... more

Ladies and gentlemen: We present to you the US Army!

While President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and US President Barack Obama held the most critical and strikingly long telephone conversation of recent times on the evening of February 19, Russian Minister of Defense Sergey Shoygu was in Moscow, packing his b... more

It's time we interfered in Russia's internal affairs

It is now certain that Turkey-Russia relations will not recover any time soon. This sentiment is also prevalent in Turkey's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As for Moscow, it continues to vary its cards and push against Ankara. Although it was mentioned ... more

Istanbul resisted against the US and Russia, what about Riyadh?

It could be said that in US Vice President Joseph Biden's five-hour meeting with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu, during which both conventional and strategic results were settled, the showcase was left blurry. Meanw... more

Iran-Turkey hand in hand in the minefield

Everybody should be able to remember US President Barack Obama's Egypt and Turkey speeches (2009) deemed “historic” and “a new start.” In his speech at Cairo University, he almost apologized for the CIA's plot to oust the Muhammad Musaddiq government... more

China switches to US side in Iran-Saudi crisis

The dangerous tension between Iran and Saudi Arabia could lead the People's Republic of China, which only loomed over the Middle East until today, to take action physically in the matter.It may do this by taking part of the responsibility on the shou... more

Countries opposing 'regional power Iran'

Everyone knows that Moscow and Tehran are behind Baghdad's reaction against the Turkish military presence in Northern Iraq. Otherwise, Iraq wouldn't think of glowering at Ankara while organizing beauty contests amid the bombs exploding every day in t... more

Israel may down the second Russian plane

The crisis Ankara experienced with Russia-Iran strengthens the possibility of an energy crisis. The moment Turkey expressed that it was backing up its natural gas from other sources, Israel stating that it could help with supply should be carefully a... more

MIT-MOSSAD: On speaking terms or not?

The Kremlin, which used the harshest language/threats of diplomatic show of power from “waging war" to using nuclear weapons, openly showing Ankara the energy/natural gas card – amid all this madness – has a reasonable justification. Not necessary. T... more


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