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Did the US want Ankara to apologize to Russia?

As seen from Russian President Vladimir Putin's continuing burning speeches, Moscow cannot understand the exact problem.Let's say the whole sentence over an enlightening question: “Does the US want Turkey to apologize to Russia for the jet that was d... more

Tehran mediation between Turkey and Russia!

Do not be surprised. The Middle East has experienced many things that were thought to be impossible...It is worth thinking about the weak hope of Turkish and Russian leaders coming together during the Climate Change Summit in Paris, yet both leaders ... more

The US is the Russian-Turkish alliance's secret partner

You can change the places of the countries in the sentence according to your wish. A message that has arisen after the general elections is, 'end the skidding in domestic politics..." And if we're discussing foreign politics, there is something that ... more

Ashes of the Berlin Angel

The most interesting visit of German Chancellor Angela Merkel's – who is expected to come to Turkey on Sunday – was the one she made to Moscow in 2007. Before entering the room in which she was to talk with Russian President Vladimir Putin, she made ... more

Unusual suspect of the attack: Holographic Washington

At the time the twin explosions took place right in front of the Ankara train station, other things were happening in the “region"... The convoy of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who is claimed to be the one ... more

Who will be present as Obama and Putin discuss Syria?

When international news agencies announced to the world that Kremlin's spokesperson said, “Russia's State President Vladimir Putin and U.S. President Barack Obama will be meeting on Monday (28/09),” it was 7:30 p.m. Whereas, when the Russian News Age... more

Has everyone really understood what happened in Syria?

The U.S. Foreign Minister John Kerry met with his English counterpart Phillip Hammond in London recently and stated: “We have been saying for a year and a half that Assad should go. But, at what time? And using which model? It should happen in the Ge... more

The Jugular Vein

We are facing a new situation in progressed negotiations between the U.S. and Russia about the future of Damascus, conducted via Iran and especially the Ukraine, up to the point where ' Who will come if Assad goes' is discussed ('Assad's alternative ... more

If Assad falls till the election…

Complicated… In February 2016, there are elections in Iran, at the end of the same year there is a presidential election in the USA. Before that, the nuclear agreement, which has been reached between Washington-Tehran should have been obstructed by t... more

Mikado's sticks: One, two, three…

Even if you move one of them…It will be your rival's turn… I.Director-General of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dore Gold, meeting with Feridun Sinirlioğlu, then Under Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said, “In a near future I ... more

Let myopic people squint; Turkey-Iran-US elections!

The ex-President of Iran, Hashemi Rafsanjani's son, Mehdi Hashemi, has received a 10-year sentence for the crime of corruption and he has now been placed in a prison in Tehran. Father Rafsanjani's reaction was; “You'll be free soon!...” This sentence... more


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