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HDP leans on YPG, YPG leans on the US, and the US leans on ISIL

ISIL comes and places a suicide bomber in the middle of the youngsters, who voted for HDP, in Suruç. Then, the representatives of HDP and the Kurdish political movement are turning to Ankara and saying; “all because of you”… Then; whoever is placed o... more

Confidential articles of the US-Iran nuclear agreement

It is evident that the West-Iran consensus is balance-breaking. Good or bad, it seems like the existing situation has changed. It must be broken down. As Barack Obama says: "things have changed." A new order is being pledged. A new process is being s... more

Who got more threats directed at; US or Turkey?

First, an agreement has been reached between the P5+1 countries that conducted the nuclear negotiations with Iran. Secondly, an agreement has been reached between Europe and Greece. In exchange for 86 million Euros, the EU and IMF captured Greece. Th... more

Israel's plans, British calculations…

In May, Israel radio announced that a secret meeting was held in Jordan with some Arab countries that have no official relations with Tel Aviv. Besides, it was also stated that the U.S. and certain European countries participated in the same meeting ... more

Do Israel and Turkey have a plan for ISIL?

Hamid Karzai, the former President of Afghanistan, was in the Kremlin last Tuesday. An interesting dialogue took place between Vladimir Putin and Karzai. According to the estimations of the Russian leader, - which should be taken as something coming ... more

Why are Israel-Turkey relations improving after elections?

It's nothing new to talk about the possible outcome of the elections in Turkey and Israel, and say that it will clear the tension in the relations of these two countries and expect a new refreshing process to begin… This talk always nurtures the thou... more

Secret documents: the US-ISIL connection wasn't a conspiracy

In many countries, including Turkey, the media-press organs made countless news, comments and analyses that are stating that “ISIL/Islamic State” is of the U.S. mind and that the U.S. at least uses/encourages ISIL in their plans directed at the Middl... more

The project of the century: 'CHP Cargo' center

Please don't consider as sarcastic/ cynical my using the statement “ Cargo Center” for the Republican People's Party's “project of the century” which is announced the same day with the opening of Turkey's first Space Systems Integration and Test Cent... more

Will the Arabs surrender to the US?

Last Thursday, the President of the U.S., Barack Obama, and the member countries (Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain and United Arab Emirates) of the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council (PGCC), came together at Camp David, which is regarded as t... more

Leopard's tail: Don't hold it, but if you do, don't let go!

Barzani's recent visit to Washington where he was warmly welcomed, but received the answer of a “United Iraq”.. Greek Cyprus Foreign Minister Yoannis Kasulidis' statement “Turkish Cypriots suffered a great deal until 1974”.. Washington's action while... more

Multi-national intrigues in the Damascus palace

“On the subject of Syria, relations with Saudi Arabia have been continuing on a very positive course since the new king has assumed the throne. This is a fact; the balances in Syria change rapidly. After the rebels left Latakia, they increased the su... more


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