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The foster-land and the Turkish aircraft carrier

With the feeling created in Ankara and the surprise created among the public by the statements of the newly elected president of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) –a country that desires to grow- before he even received his official mand... more

The holy ghost of Riyadh

In the Saudi Kingdom, such changes capable of affecting both the country and the world are taking place that the former U.S. ambassador to Saudi Arabia can utter the following sentences: “If you're caught between the Father and the Son, you have to b... more

There is something new on the Western front

There are two questions that prepossess my mind… While the US-Russia conflict, which is being tensed up by Ukraine, Iran, Yemen, crude oil and economic crises, is obvious, why did Barack Obama tolerate Putin, as he overrode him, and looked aside at M... more

The actual war and energy plots

Iran stands as the final regional link in the international energy network and is being found connected to the “system”. Now, let us have a look at the rudiments of the “global and established energy regulation” from Iran to the region….. Chinese Pre... more

Say it out loud, don't be afraid: This is a US-Turkey alliance

“It appears that Tehran is more important for Islamabad and Ankara…” The emotional reproach of Anwar Mohammad Gargash - the Foreign Minister of the United Arab Emirates who finds Turkey's and Pakistan's stance regarding Yemen insufficient- is clearly... more

The phone call made from Ankara to Islamabad

Even the “shadow” of Troika eased the table at which President Erdoğan sat together with his addressees during his Iran visit… But, I wonder.... Was the result of the contacts made in Tehran completely understood? Two dominant powers in the region, I... more

India against us? China on our side?

We have given a warning like that before; “One of the vulnerable points of attack that this triangle has to be cautious about is the possibility that the long time myth that has been around the Middle East could be turning into a political attack; 'S... more

Iran's courage will fall short of the coalition's magnitude

The Erdoğan-Obama meeting belongs to the “first coalition,” while the Erdoğan-King Salman meeting belongs to the “second coalition.” As a matter of fact, there is a new situation in the Middle East... It's necessary to quickly adapt to this… With a ... more

These internal conflicts will have global results!

You haven’t misread…. Conventional readings state that when the balances in a country’s domestic politics are disrupted, then the determination in that country’s foreign policies will also be dispersed. It’s still valid.I also state the contrary in t... more

Visiting Ukraine under the shadow of nuclear weapons

Yesterday President Erdoğan set off for Ukraine for the Turkey-Ukraine Higher Level Cooperation Council meeting. Regarding the underlying reasons for the meeting, an official statement read, “…to consider the current, dual and regional topics and to ... more


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