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A user manual for the United States of America

Had the CIA been living its golden days once more, Nicholas Maduro would have long been overthrown. It is actually the U.S. that is no longer as it used to be. It is even unable to renew its “hegemonic” techniques that are now useless.What happened i... more

The day after tomorrow

The U.S.’s recognition of Israel’s sovereignty over Golan Heights at a time when the region has become extremely volatile will probably end with our observation on how the “Greater Middle East” will be sucked into a vortex of dangerous centrifugal po... more

The ‘council’ behind the idiotic New Zealand mosque gunman

We have predicted the near future as follows:“It seems that, after the local elections, say four weeks after, Turkey will have to manage an international vortex without being drawn into it”(Mar. 13)The beginning is New Zealand.The savage attack that ... more

Turkey's multidimensional 'perpetual' problems

Turkey faces both internal and external, multi-sided and multi-layered perpetual problems. This is the naked truth.The “perpetual discussions” over the upcoming local elections, is about whether the results will enable and support political actors wh... more

Kremlin's fears

We know now that just as Russia cannot exactly figure out what is behind the U.S. decision to withdraw from Syria, it is concerned of a likely rapport between Ankara and Washington.It tested the waters on Friday: when news that Syrian regime troops e... more

Turkey is currently making history!

The description in the report presented by the U.S. Department of Defense to Congress on Nov. 15, in which the relations of two countries are evaluated, that "Turkey is an extraordinary geostrategic country," intersects with President Recep Tayyip Er... more

The Kushner connection in the Khashoggi murder

That is how Istanbul is. You should not attempt Arabian plots in a city trained to beat Byzantine games. Riyadh's proposal to establish a joint working group, expressions of gratitude in response to Turkey's acceptance, the Saudi king's call to Presi... more

Turkey and Russia reach agreement regarding Iraq

You do remember the article, "Turkey and Russia reach agreement on the ‘design’ of the Idlib operation," (Yeni Şafak, Sept. 15) which announced the Idlib agreement established in Sochi in advance?Things in Idlib and Syria have not ended just yet, but... more

Live summit

As President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's plane was landing in Iran’s Tehran, Russia was bombing the fronts of Syria’s Idlib's, knowing very well the disturbance the timing caused Turkey. This is aside from the discontentment that was publicly conveyed to ... more


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