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NATO siege under Turkish command

Even though Turkey's Black Sea policy was reviewed after the Ukraine-Crimea-Syria sequence of crises, the “reorganization” process was not started.The Turkish Naval Forces took note of Russia's statements to equip/expand its Black Sea fleet and rolle... more

'Karbala' Ambush: Who is killing Iranian troops?

You can sense the first hint in the news below."Some of the Iranian generals killed in Syria were killed by Iranian intelligence because they were unsuccessful on the front. The most striking one was Iran's Quds Force commander Gen. Qassem Suleimani'... more

War? A super idea!

It is quite natural that the audience and readers are curiously following the balances in Ankara. We can say that media outlets meet the need while they also exaggerate the encouragement of the public. Meanwhile the simple and short reality is that i... more

Did Turkey tell the US base, 'Get out of here?'

Turkey's Qatar military base has led to geopolitical and strategic ripples in all “related” regions… The Turkish Armed Forces' (TSK) 3,000-strong ground force including air, marine and special operation elements is going to be deployed at this base. ... more

German base in İncirlik, Turkish base in Qatar...

“Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) Co-Chair Selahattin Demirtaş and Deputy Parliamentary Group Chair Pervin Buldan, and Foreign Affairs Chair and Bingöl Deputy Hişyar Özsoy went to the US on Thursday.”When you read this sentence you would think that th... more

King and President: the ‘last’ tale of petrodollar

We can consider US President Barack Obama's Saudi Arabia and Europe visits as farewells. However, none of them were only "Forgive me if I have ever wronged you" tours. Let alone, there are those who do not and will not forgive. This settling of acco... more

'Paname(rican) Papers' collapsed...

The secret is hidden here: The timing of the police raid on Mossack Fonseca, where the Panama Papers were scattered (April 13), and the revelation of the curiosity of "why is there nothing on the US in the papers," in other words the connection betwe... more

Ankara's plan to 'take' Iran

There is a bilateral change in Iran's foreign policy priority. Tehran used to prefer India in the eastern direction and the US-Russia-Syria in the western direction. Now it is leaning in the Ankara and Islamabad directions. This does not mean that ... more

In the middle of the Russia-Iran-Israel triangle

It is not good to be in stuck the middle or in between.Unless there is an exceptional case, and there is.The speed of political transformation in our region bills every country according to its adaptation ability. If you were to calculate how many pr... more

NATO and EU center hit, where next?

“They are not honest or fair. They are hesitant. Today they pulled the flag down, took the posters down; who are you trying to fool? Be honest, act sincere. Turkey is not a country that can be deceived, the Turkish people are not a nation to be decei... more

US to Russia: I cannot hold back the Turks

Russia's decision to “decrease” in Syria was described by the Kremlin as “to withdraw the main part of the forces” and by the White House as “to withdraw partially.” When superpowers enter wars that they believe they will not succeed in or cannot es... more

Who was given what for Russia to withdraw from Syria?

There are other questions, too. Although the first thing heard from the US was, “We were not given prior information about the withdrawal,” Washington is the first party – or one of the first parties – to the agreement. The meeting between Russian Pr... more


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