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Countries opposing 'regional power Iran'

Everyone knows that Moscow and Tehran are behind Baghdad's reaction against the Turkish military presence in Northern Iraq. Otherwise, Iraq wouldn't think of glowering at Ankara while organizing beauty contests amid the bombs exploding every day in the north and south of the country...

The interesting part is, the US, beckoningly, requesting Turkey to “move its troops elsewhere in order to lighten the mood of the public.” It is important to understand that, this statement made by US President Barack Obama is to affect the elections scheduled to take place on February in Iraq...


Forecasts have shown that the nuclear agreement realized between Iran and the West/US would be actualized in spring at best. Meaning, economic sanctions toward the country will be lifted by that period. However, today we understand that, both Iran and the US governments are selflessly trying to pull this date closer.

In fact, according to Yukiya Amano, the general director of the International Atomic Energy Agency, “Tehran is moving rapidly.” That is to say, the Iranian government mouthing out everything to the “great devil,” the US, to defuse the Iranian public and the region, is rapidly and enthusiastically trying to fulfill the list Washington has given to them, in order to be pardoned. They are trying to clean the radiation waste on them in collaboration with the US.

Why so much haste in both capitals? Let's first prove that the US too wants exactly this. US Secretary of State John Kerry sent a letter to the American Congress Foreign Relations Committee on the 16th stating, “Iran is fulfilling its responsibilities, which can be confirmable, and the sanctions can be suspended.” This means the issue is “all fine” on behalf of the US government. At least the main items need to be realized by January, for Iran to be freed from the West's sanctions.

The significance of January is the February election to be held in Iran, which is critical for Iran, the region and Israel and especially the Obama administration. The party the White House supports winning the election means the sanctions will be suspended, having positive effects on the Iranian public.


This is one side of the issue. Tel Aviv's fears are on the other side. They cannot seem to finish explaining how the Israeli lobby is pushing the Congress, how it is trying to stop the sanctions from being suspended, and how it is trying to mastermind new sanctions via the Congress. However, Israel will not be able to succeed. The US Government, the president himself – the only foreign political heritage – allies like the UK and Germany, and the allies it already has, do not want anything to happen to Iran. I suppose, no one expects Russia or China to sign decisions against Iran in the UN Security Council. (At the time of writing these lines, international news agencies were announcing that Russia was going to start building two nuclear power stations in Iran.)

Russian-Iranian relations, or better said “ties,” are reaching a special state despite the friction in Damascus. And this relationship, and similar ones, is a sign that Israel's military supremacy in the region is coming to an end. On the contrary, when Iran is freed from its sanctions it will be able to spare more money toward its regional politics and its arms.

It is of vital importance for moderate groups to win the elections in Iran for Obama/Washington. The suspension of economic sanctions means that the politics of the current President, Hassan Rouhani, and the government are evaluated and approved by the Iranian people. And thus this will bring about the moderate/coherent, and tad of democracy, that the US wishes for, which will also move against the political competitors of the government. (“Iran's Reformists, Hardliners Maneuver Ahead of Elections,” 17/12, VOA.)

One of the reasons for the Israel-Turkey relations to refresh is, Obama calling Ankara about the Mosul issue and saying “be careful.”

In conclusion, it does not seem like Israel or any of the other countries in the region will overlook Iran's new position and the dynamics behind this attitude. However, this means that they will have to live with these dynamics. In the end, it all depends on the results of the three elections I wrote about earlier. The second one will happen in Iran in February. And eventually, the elections that are expected to take place at the end of 2016 in the US will put everything in place.

Turkey needs to show great craftsmanship in directing the developments in the region until then. Because, if these instructions coincide with the birth of the superpower Iran, the number of countries not agreeing to this will not be limited to “two.” Actually, these “two” can be enough to ruin the virtual or real regional plans of a super power.

Don't think that this statement was directed at the US. The bridge between Turkey and Israel is Washington anyway. The important thing is who this mediation serves in the Middle East.

It is our duty to write… and theirs to read.


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