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EU's choice: Pandora's Box or Anatolia

We can consider it “ours.” The total opposition's love for the EU is almost the same, 48 percent.

There were those who also made the analysis that since the referendum was held in the UK holiday period, “the EU supporters vacationing at beaches did not vote.” A kind of Republican People's Party (CHP) case…

Despite London's efforts, the final blow on “Great Britan's” remaining in the EU was from Her Majesty.

Even though it is denied by Buckingham Palace, it was reported that during a dinner, the Queen said to her guests, “Tell me three reasons to stay in the EU,” and the news reached our media.

Even though French President François Hollande never wanted the UK from the beginning and always considered it “divisive,” regarding it as “the US's Trojan horse,” said, “it would be good if it remained,” the UK decided to leave the EU.

This decision is not binding on the government. But it cannot be disregarded politically. The “correction” of the decision is possible solely with a new “number 10.” The statement of the EU administration that had an emergency convention yesterday along the lines of “there is no need to extend it, complete the procedures fast, and we will not meet again,” shows that bridges have been burned.

There will be a sequence of political reactions, with “part of them previously planned” in all directions.

Putin: We accept that the US is the only superpower

“The US is a superpower. Right now it is probably the world's only superpower. We accept this. However, it is preventing Russia from restoring ties with the EU. We are ready to cooperate with the candidate who wins the US presidential election.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin made this statement on June 19 at the “International Economy Forum” held in St Petersburg. (“ABD tek süper güç” (US the sole super power), 20/06, Milliyet.)

The Brexit's first global/strategic complication will appear on Europe's Cold War borders.

The UK is probably the only country to make even more political attacks on Moscow than Washington.

It is also continuing its active viewer position in the risky “sea wars” that have long continued in the Baltic Sea.

New Ukraine-, Syria- and Poland-based NATO bases in old East Bloc countries and in the Balkans, new drills in the Black Sea, the refugee threat and economic drifting have spread across the European map like Mikado trash.

Move one and you will burn…

If the Brexit is put into action, its impact on US-EU ties and the “Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)” as well as the new form of Russia-EU ties, is going to be strategic.

This is the outer circle. On the inside, it is whispered that the EU is going to go back to its core/return to itself – a kind of embryo position – and will collect itself with time and revive homogenously.

It is possible… Of course if it does not receive other following blows. For this, it needs to take the “security first” pill.

Turkish Referendum: The perfect time?

As a first reaction to the results yesterday, Germany's Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeir said, “It is a sad day for Europe.”

True, it is a sad day for Europe, but what about the “West?” The Western alliance?

If one of the reasons Turkey is kept waiting at the EU's door for decades is being a Muslim country, the other was the thought that like London, Ankara is also the US's NATO daggers that extend all the way into Europe.

And when it was not even on minds, now Turkey also has a referendum on its agenda.

“It has been 53 years and you are still wasting our time. Why are you wasting our time? I'll tell you, I never really expressed this until now and only mentioned it in private discussions. European Union, you are not accepting us because our population is predominantly Muslim. The EU needs to make a decision regrding Turkey. Turkey may also go to a referendum like the UK. We could ask whether to continue or end negotiations with the EU.” (23/06)

This outburst by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and its timing may be leaning on the thought of strengthening the hand of the four-minister Turkish committee that will be carrying out the EU negotiations in Brussels on June 30. It's normal.

It is not only that. It is known very well by all that to hold a “Yes or no to EU” referendum in Turkey actually means “no.”

As the West is well aware of the seriousness of it all, the first response contained that magic word: “Turkey had announced its EU membership as a strategic goal. To give up EU membership now would be a strategic mistake.” (“AB: Karar Türkiye'nin” (EU: It's up to Turkey to decide), 24/08, Hürriyet.)

So? The West will deviate from its line, a “shift in axis” will come up on the agenda and its strategic position will shift.


That accusation cannot be used this time. Neither “strategic” nor “axis” are European expressions. They are US and NATO expressions.

Both the east and west wings of Europe are discussing leaving the EU. One has already left.

There is no joking about it.

Then Berlin and Brussels need to open their minds as much as their ears to EU Minister Ömer Çelik's statement that “The EU should join Anatolia.”

See, what a short sentence. Separate them into parts and define each one and understand it now.

Your other option is to face the tweet by deputy Mehmet Şimşek in responsible of the Economy on June 24: “You don't want to open Pandora's Box. Oh but it already has.”


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