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German base in İncirlik, Turkish base in Qatar...

“Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) Co-Chair Selahattin Demirtaş and Deputy Parliamentary Group Chair Pervin Buldan, and Foreign Affairs Chair and Bingöl Deputy Hişyar Özsoy went to the US on Thursday.”

When you read this sentence you would think that there is an institutionalized organization in foreign politics. The essence of the matter is that, they went to say, “We and our elements are in trouble. Please intervene, help us negotiate and save us from this mess,” to their supporters in the US. They do not have anything else to negotiate about anyway.

While this was happening, US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter said, “Welcome to America,” to the HDP committee, during the question and answer session in the American Senate.

Senator: Have you ever heard about the PYD [Democratic Union Party] and the YPG [People's Protection Units]?

Defense Minister Carter: Yes.

Senator: Who are they?

Defense Minister: Kurdish groups.

Senator: Is the YPG the armed wing of the PYD?

Defense Minister: Yes, true.

Senator: The reports indicate that they are connected to the PKK [Kurdistan Workers' Party]. Is it true?

Defense Minister: Yes.

Senator: The PKK is a terror organization for Turkey?

Defense Minister: The PKK is a terror organization for the US too.

Senator: Is it surprising that the Turks are upset with us for arming the YPG in Syria?

Defense Minister: No.

This is wonderful, is it not?


These answers caused such panic in some groups that the U.S. secretary of defense had to make an explanation a few hours later; “The US has not changed its politics against the PKK and the PYD. However, we do not recognize the YPG as a terror organization.”

We already know that there is competition between the US Secretary of Defense and the Department of State. Besides, as the country is going to the elections, “all parties” are trying to grab an appropriate seat.

And then there is the CIA. It is a part of this competition. Of course it cannot make an official explanation, but it can make such a move that when it is time for the elections, those who shout “fight” will be elected instead of those who shout “war.”


“The order that has been dominating for a few centuries is now crumbling. The problems experienced, subsequent crises are foreshadows a wave of change. We have to evaluate this period very carefully. Turkey is the Muslim world's hope.”

These statements were made on the same day...

The answer the imperialist character gives to problems like Daesh, the PKK and the Syrian issue is evident.

“If hope is Turkey's character,” and the world is bigger than five, and if we have to evaluate this period effectively, then the example is the Turkish base in Qatar.

Accelerating relations with the United Arab Emirates is exactly this. The case of Saudi Arabia is evident too. Why are they doing this? Because they have understood that the West will not protect them, and that they cannot trust the West in the future.

You can put Iran into this category too. Tehran saw what was coming during the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) summit.

Moreover, “on the same day” the US seized $2 billion worth of goods from Iran “as compensation for those who lost their lives in terror attacks.” This must include the bill for what they did to the US embassy and image during the 1979 revolution.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said, “If the burglar thinks he will be excused from a counterattack, he is wrong. This is not something you can get away with without paying a price.”

He was as surprised as he was angry because this move came “before the elections” in some areas.


There was also a message from the US to the PYD: “If you draw near to Russia, the Department of State cannot save you, you will become a terrorist.” There must be a message for the Saudis too: “If you draw near to Turkey, Ankara will not be able to save you, you will become a terrorist.”

There must be a message for Ankara too: “I don't want problems with you. Let's disarm the PKK and create the PYD. You are cleaning your borders. They can live in Kobani under your control.”

We have to see these as part of Carter's statements. They have “joined” the PKK and PYD for the first time.

The answer the president gave to them all is above.

Below you can find the evidence footnotes Ankara has provided.

There you go...

"US Secretary of Defense: China has done hypersonic missile testing." (27/04, Reuters.)

"Russia has done international ballistic missile testing." (27/04, NTV)

"Berlin's phantom airport is still to open." (26/04, CNBC. Let's read this airport which was meant to open in 2010 as the THY and third airport!)

"The US military's NATO airborne operation in Germany finished scandalously. The armored jets crashed down." (22/04)

" German intelligence service, BND's president was relieved from his duties." (DW, 26/04)

"Australia gave a 50 billion dollar submarine tender to France." (26/04)

"Movement has started in Tahrir Square." (28/04, Karar.)

"The Russians will sell half of Akkuyu." (28/04, Milliyet)

Three consecutive tweets from the German DW: “1. A nuclear power station is planned to be built in Turkey. Experts are drawing attention to radioactive waste. 2. Experts are worried about a nuclear plantation in Turkey, a country with an earthquake history. 3. Experts cannot understand nuclear in a country with plenty of sun." (26/04)

“Germany wants a base in Incirlik.” (26/04)

To conclude, there have been two new land “organizations” in the great Middle East. First, Saudi Arabia got its islands back from Egypt. Second, Turkey got land from Georgia.


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