If you don't pay attention to the Orlando massacre, it will pay attention to you - NEDRET ERSANEL

If you don't pay attention to the Orlando massacre, it will pay attention to you

The US massacre that took place in Orlando, Florida carries more “global signs” than the September 11 attacks.

September 11 was filled with strong symbols, both in terms of its form and the destructive potential it promised. Hence, its results are still ongoing.

As for Orlando, it is using the “frequency range” of all that happened in the “Great Middle East” from the collapse of the Twin Towers to the present and the processes currently happening such as the US presidential election.


How does someone, especially one who is untrained, manage to kill 49 people and injure 53 others with a rifle and a handgun?

Apparently the attacker's father ran as – an anti-Pakistan and pro-Taliban – candidate in last year's presidential elections in Afghanistan?

Afghan-origin killer Omar Siddiqui Mateen, 29, apparently called police before carrying out the attack and declared his loyalty to Daesh.

How can someone who was questioned three times by the FBI since 2013 as a Daesh sympathizer – but could not be noticed – call the police so comfortably and tell them about his state in an “understand it already” manner?

His ex-wife, Sitora Yusufi, is Uzbek. She says “I'm glad I got divorced,” but now even she is viewed with suspicion.

The killer having said that he knows the Chechen brothers, the perpetrators of the Boston attack, does not mean anything either.


It is also possible to make political connections among a series of incidents, such as preventing the revitalization Muhammad Ali's death created among the black community ahead of the election…

The attack taking place at a venue disliked by the conservative community…

Xenophobia and the use of visuals containing Christian symbols, Islamophobia during the European cup and which surpassed even sports fanaticism…

There being only days left for the referendum that will decide whether the UK will remain in the EU or leave it (Brexit).

A bomb attack happened at the same time at the “British Shanghai” airport, currently under Chinese sovereignty.

In addition to the condolence messages sent by almost all countries after Orlando, NATO's “We are with you” message.

The BBC headlining the incident as “The attack that hit America's faultlines…” Even some Turkish newspapers used this headline “as is,” et cetera…



My favorite is the claim in the confidential and unpermitted section of the official American report on the September 11 attacks, that the Saudis were involved in the incidents, was personally denied by CIA Director John O. Brennan…

“The 28-page top-secret file is going to be presented to the US Congress and I believe that these pages are going to show that Saudi Arabia has nothing to do with the incident. The results of the report revealed that Riyadh has no connection to the September 11 attacks in neither government nor state nor in a certain position as a civil servant or official authority.” (“CIA'den Riyad'a 11 Eylül garantisi” (CIA's September 11 guarantee to Riyadh), 13/06, Yeni Şafak.)

It is too early to guess how the Orlando shooting will affect the future president's foreign policy…

Yet it appears that the turbulences growing from the US's stance in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan or the greater Middle East, have started to reach the shores of the US before the election (in November). If it continues, it will reflect much differently at the polls.

Do not pay attention to how splendid the US seems in the movies. The US public is quick to panic and even a terrorist attack is enough to cause them to lose their footing on thinking soundly. This is especially true when there are gaps like the election period that need to be filled.

Everybody can see how Donald Trump will take/is taking advantage of Orlando, but the problem is something else. This terrorist massacre is going to bring up the role Hilary Clinton assumed in the regime change in Libya and the Benghazi incident that resulted in the death of the US ambassador…


Contrary to given acceptances, this US presidential election may be affected more by foreign policy incidents!

It is certain that the Afghanistan, Taliban and Palestine matter will shape not only the Middle East chaos including Turkey, but the US elections, too.

Only four days ago Obama made a decision aimed at expanding the scope of the US troops in Afghanistan. (“More support for Afghan troops part of latest Obama strategy,” 11/06, AP.)

The Taliban responded to the decision one day later: “The US cannot win this war even if it prolongs it for 100 years.” (“Removal of Restrictions: US will lose more troops, resources, warn Taliban,” 12/06, The Express Tribune, Pakistan.)

What's even stranger is that the US recently killed the Taliban leader, even though it knew he would be replaced by an even more radical figure. The Taliban chief, who was killed in an airstrike, could have “reached an agreement” with the US. Furthermore, the US's relations with Pakistan soured. This too will affect the election (“Target Taliban chief Fazlullah, hideouts in Afghanistan: Pak army chief to US,” 11/06, MSN.)

All of these developments help serve Republican Trump. It is now important what Democrat President Obama and Democrat candidate Bernie Sanders will do for Hillary Clinton.

And of course what Turkey will do, too.



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