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Let me introduce you to the new Troika: Turkey-Pakistan-S. Arabia

“What Washington thinks or says doesn't concern Saudi Arabia anymore. And if Saudi Arabia needs to act alone, it will! The name of this is the 'King Salman doctrine!..” ('The Salman doctrine', 01/04, Al Arabiya.)

These lines that have the power to paralyze, by the journalist who is very close to the established Saudi regime, Jamal Khashogg, give justice to the environment that is being dragged along with the developments of the Middle East's Iran and Yemen…

On Thursday evening, after going on for 1.5 years between Tehran and the U.S., Russia, China, England, France, and Germany (P5+1), the negotiations for a nuclear program reached an agreement. The points of this agreement constantly being argued by the media and the technical conditions are no longer important. The adjustments of the Middle East have been played with; now what's important are the opposing calculations.

Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu's words saying, “We are extremely happy that this agreement has been rendered,” was a statement directed to Iran's nuclear armament. In the context of Prime Minister Davutoğlu's words, saying, “Going against any type of expansionist politics, understanding and legitimate administrations is causing damage to the regional stability,” we cannot count the 'innovations' that the agreement will bring to the region as a comprehensive contentment.

“Islamabad and Riyadh have private relations between them. 1. Prime Minister Sharif's recent and urgent trip. 2. The meeting entitled 'The sharing of Pakistan's nuclear capacity with Saudi Arabia' held by Pakistan's Chief of Defense with Saudi King Salman and Minister of Defense Mohammad bin Salman! Islamabad is now in the Gulf, in tensions with Iran, in Yemen and is a side.” These lines were not written to be a joke on April 1st.This is why we wrote this… “On April 3, 2015, Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will come to Turkey for a business visit. Prime Minister Sharif will meet with our honorable Prime Minister and will be accepted by our honorable President. They will exchange ideas regarding regional and international topics.” (Prime Ministry's press statement.)

Pakistan's political regime and its military leader think that if 'needed' there will not be an issue with its joint relations with Saudi Arabia and Yemen, or with the joint relations with Iran. It seems that brother Pakistan will bring to the table in Ankara the topics of Iran, Yemen, the West's reactions and what the two countries can do together.

Three armies…

Presumably Turkey's formal approach to the Yemen coalition does not have to be repeated. Let us take three sentences from President Erdoğan's words; this is more than adequate: “We support the Yemen operation. We can give logistic support. Iran and the terrorist groups must pull out of the region.”

Whether Ankara will send military support, that is not certain. However… There are a few academic realities that everyone can recognize!

They are giving “unlimited financial investment” to the Saudi Arabian military and they are using the most state-of-the-art equipment. However, we cannot say that their military is fully ready for combat! This is number one; two, Pakistani army is from a very strong and ready country. The Turkish Armed Forces is considered one of the world's most professional armies, and in recent times, it has strengthened their armor quite a bit. Surely the sum of these three armies must be expressing something.

Three nuclear weapons!

One of the vulnerable points of attack that this triangle has to be cautious about is the possibility that the long time myth that has been around the Middle East could be turning into a political attack; 'Saudi Arabia already owns this power and with the support of Pakistan it will develop a nuclear weapon!' Let us say that with a situation like this, the perceptions will be about Turkey's closeness with these countries, and the political traps that will come from the new alliance, and from the U.S. front, to 'sabotage the Iran deal'.

It is evident that the U.S. will show a very stern reaction; however, that is the situation above, in the first lines! Around these times, like the Saudi administration, Pakistan's opposing stance towards the U.S. is nearly the same! What is apparent here is that Ankara will have the chance to share words about moves of the Iran-centered alliance's view. (What happens if Ankara does get a chance? That is a long and separate argument, I am traveling around it.)

In the latest breakdown, we can say that we are face to face with the refreshed triangle that is made up of Ankara-Riyadh-Islamabad and it is a lot stronger than the other triangles in the Middle East.

On top of that… This triangle has a lot of middle points. It has the chance to become a square. Especially after the Israel lobby that is not happy about the point that it has come to with Iran and the Congress balances in the U.S., that is to say Obama's opposition will use this triangle as material…

When we take a quick and narrow tour, we can see how complicated the matter is; the Pakistani Prime Minister visited Turkey. After a mutual squabble, President Erdoğan is heading to Iran on April 6-7. Vice President Bülent Arınç is saying about Israel television, “… and after an outcome of Israel's security it will be provided in a strong manner; in our opinion Turkey being chosen as a good partner is going to be very right.”


In a press conference yesterday afternoon that Prime Minister Davutoğlu organized with Prime Minister Sharif, “Turkey is ready for any kind of support when it comes to the topic of Yemen. Turkey and Pakistan are completely compatible,” Davutoğlu said!

As for Sharif, “Both countries have made the decision to support and be with Saudi Arabia as soon as they need help!..”



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