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NATO and EU center hit, where next?

“They are not honest or fair. They are hesitant. Today they pulled the flag down, took the posters down; who are you trying to fool? Be honest, act sincere. Turkey is not a country that can be deceived, the Turkish people are not a nation to be deceived. This means surrendering to terror. They have surrendered to terror.”

The local addressee of these statements made by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan about the tent in Brussels is, for example the Cumhuriyet newspaper which wrote, “[he] put up a white flag to terror”; the day after the İstiklal Avenue bombing (March 20); “Turkey surrenders.”

It is the same mindset. The tent in Brussels was set up two days after the Ankara terror attack on March 13. Filled with scrap, the security of the tent was provided by the police of Belgium, a country which recognized the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) as a terror organization.

But after Belgium was attacked by a series of explosions did any of the media organizations say, “ If only they had provided that same security for their airport”? Or did anyone say, “Government resigns?”

The main thing I'd like to discuss is the “mindset” issue.


Ankara objected to the terror tent “escorted” by Brussels. Prime Minister Davutoğlu was supposed to attend the Turkey-EU summit and hence it was said, “Remove these, or we will not come.” Do you know what they did? They went to the tents and said, “The Turks are whining, just pull these down for two days and then you can come back. Leave the tents as is, we will look after them.”

This is what happened. The tents were put back up after the visit.

They believe they have managed a small crisis and overcome the problem. Thus, when we say, “See what happened?” they will answer, “It wasn't the PKK that attacked, it was Daesh.”

I don't think we can explain it properly: They are both the same! By saying “different,” you are referring to the Democratic Union Party (PYD) attacking Daesh in Syria, but try clearing Belgium, Germany and France of the PKK! (We are.)

They know what will happen, they know that terror will invade their cities. The reason for them not doing this and “acting as if the tent was removed” is the same. You are not controlling the issue, you are managing it and thus are harboring a terror monster in your “garden” which you have to feed constantly. You are scared the rabid dog will bite you, not infect you.

The Brussels attack is one of a series; a series of attacks that feed off Syria and Iraq, that suddenly torments Turkey, leaves one of its stems (PKK) in Europe, and continues with Daesh. Sadly, it seems like this series of attacks will continue...

From time to time, the world has encountered terror attacks that originated from the Middle East. But the start of these attacks would have to be September 11. Does every killer return to the crime scene?

I do not know.

But, if the capital of the EU and NATO has been attacked, the terrorist will always crave a bigger attack.


The attack on Brussels was a suicide attack, just like those committed in the US and Turkey. The greatest effects of war are seen in Iraq and continue to be seen there. To date, 1,938 suicide bombing incidents have been reported in Iraq, with 20,082 people dead as a result. Afghanistan is second on the list with 1,059 suicide bombings and 4,748 deaths. The number of attacks are not always proportional with the number of deaths; for example 6,287 people lost their lives in 490 attacks in Pakistan.

Turkey lost 115 lives in 29 attacks. The US lost 2,974 people in four attacks. This number was zero for Belgium. (These statistics do not include the recent attacks and are the values up to mid-2015.)

We can list many more countries, and no one will be surprised to see that all these countries are in the Middle East and Africa.


The PKK terrorist organization's first suicide bombing incident happened exactly 20 years ago. Some of you might remember. A female terrorist blew herself up in Cumhuriyet Square, Tunceli in June 1996. We lost nine of our soldiers.

The terror organization attempted more than one suicide bombing in those years. They were trapped and every time they carried out one of their classic attacks, hundreds of them died. They were experiencing a tactical and strategic trapping. They were going through starvation. They could not find anything to eat. They saw this as a “type of act that they resorted to when they needed to remove the pressure on them.” (“PKK tarihinin canlı bomba sayfası” (Suicide bombing in the PKK's history), March 22, Yeni Birlik.)

Do the attacks that occurred in Brussels yesterday, which were claimed by Daesh as I write this article, confirm this analysis? In other words, could they be considered a tactic to get out of having been cornered?

For a while now, Daesh (and its presence in Syria and Iraq) has not been making the headlines. It also turned out that Russia did not do much about Daesh, and did not want to either.

They are emphasizing the future of Damascus and the division of Syria. Perhaps this attack might be explained as a kind of block, a move to carry the front forward after predicting that the Western or Islamic alliance would come further in the foreground from now on and give it a hard time.

We started with “surrendering” and we shall conclude with it too... Let's see what you will say; Europe might surrender – to managing the situation.


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