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'Paname(rican) Papers' collapsed...

The secret is hidden here: The timing of the police raid on Mossack Fonseca, where the Panama Papers were scattered (April 13), and the revelation of the curiosity of "why is there nothing on the US in the papers," in other words the connection between the CIA and offshore companies, from the highest curtain. (April 12)

We can say that this is where the Panama "operation" was killed and added among the files marked "fail."

Let me tell you about a really strange/absurd article... The source is very strong yet the claim is just as absurd that one falls into doubt...


Well-known, Washington-based American think tank Brookings Institutions' close relations with US intelligence and especially the Obama administration are considered open knowledge.

Its administrators and analysts also include names from the "Cold War." It is a place where both President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu gave speeches. In other words, it has acceptable power and reputability.

In short, Clifford Gaddy from this institution wrote an article claiming that the Panama Papers can be the doing only of Russian President Vladimir Putin, and published it through the institution. ("Are the Russians actually behind the Panama Papers," April 7, Brookings.)

Gaddy's writing such a text/analysis is telling, because he is an expert focused on Russian politics and economy. He is also the author of a fresh new book titled "Mr. Putin (New and Expanded).”

So, according to the Brookings analysis, Putin ordered an intelligence operation that would smear and hence camouflage himself, while striking a blow at the US.


This is getting in between the CIA – the thickest link of the US's intelligence chain – and the Panama papers/scandal.

What we need to understand is that Brookings is made to take the stage to close the Panama Papers file.

Why and how?

Gaddy says that by starting a smear campaign against degenerated American politicians, Putin is planning to blackmail them in the finale.

Yet according to some "global readers" – this part is even more interesting – this is a common language between the established order of these two super states.

"Hence," they say, "Brookings sent a signal to The Kremlin: 'We are closing the Panama File. No hard feelings. We shall continue on our way.'" In other words, some kind of "shell think tanks" are being used to avoid being accused of establishing shell companies for intelligence operations.


Communicating through reading the words in reverse is like writing on paper with lemon juice. You need to hold it to the fire to be able to read it. Of course without burning the paper or your hand...

The Panama Papers was a cool project of US intelligence aiming to destroy Putin's reputation ahead of the parliamentary election in Russia. ("US government, Soros funded Panama Papers to attack Putin," April 11, Reuters.) It has been "withdrawn" now.

The reasons it collapsed are obvious: It was going to take the world agenda by storm and destroy Putin's "image." But right from the beginning there was confusion. It was doubtful that even the accusations were "crimes." Nobody was able to understand the matter fully.

While the matter was yet to be grasped, it became impossible to take the Russian people to the ballot box, who have become used to – and no longer even care about – the West's attempts to demonize Putin, with this encouragement. As a matter of fact, it started to take a turn for the opposite. The Russians sensed a “trap” here and changed their path.


Moscow's character is not open to understanding “We tried but it did not work, sorry.” It never has been, either.

It is hard to think that Russia would not respond. Let alone, even if it skipped over the Kremlin – to put it in Cold War language – it is not easy for it to pass Lubyanka Square.

What would you have done if you were in Russian intelligence's position?

The right answer.

The presidential elections the US will be holding in November…

So the next move will most likely be to share a few dark secrets about the players in the field so as to harm the US's presidential elections.

A scandal is going to happen, but this is not the question. Who will the scandal serve? That is the point. Russia is going to plan who it will strike according to two criteria. First, whose being president will best “serve our interests?” Second, which candidate is likely to run the US badly?

Looking at these questions, it becomes slightly obvious as to which candidate in the US elections will benefit from the “leak” from Russia.

Surely, Washington can request forgiveness from the Kremlin in exchange for suitable “blood money.” It does not seem possible to estimate from now whether it will be accepted.

If “forgiveness” is going to be in question, it will only be possible in exchange for or under the guarantee of stability in US-Russia relations. Of course, this once again leads to the “who will be president?” puzzle.

The political results created by the Panama Papers have really been weak. It could be said that Iceland's president was the one who got the short end of the stick. There was no political outcome even in countries where the public and media took the claims seriously. It cannot be expected to either.

In this case, our expectations can be focused on two points. First, Will there be a falling star in the US intelligence world? Second, which presidential candidate will be hit by what sort of scandal?



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