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Post-pandemic world order as China gets covid-19 outbreak under control

I previously said in my column that “what needs to be seen is that the stagnation, capital shifts, epidemic, oil, political/stability collapses are combined to form a separate vacuum. You can call it, a ‘black hole.’”

I also said, “Epidemic produces political results. This is somewhat related to the leader(ship) that will manage/defeat the virus. Of course, the primary reason Turkey is taking heavy-handed measures one after the other and without any hesitation is to protect its people and country. However, it must have secondary reasons, in other words, geopolitical and political reasons as well. Repelling the crisis with the least possible damage may place Ankara in the top position in the global economic situation and preferences that will emerge” (March 18, 2020, Yeni Şafak).

The same evening, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan includes the following statements in his speech on the fight against the virus:

“Viruses that have grave outcomes in the world have also been the triggers of great political, social, and economic transformations… It is difficult at this time to predict the kind of future the current world, which took shape with industrialization, and the technology and information revolutions that followed, is going to evolve towards. However, it is quite clear that nothing is going to be – or can be – as it used to be. We are entering a new period in which radical changes are likely in the global economic, political and social order. Turkey must take an advantageous position for itself in particular and change this picture accordingly.”


The main point of this speech was the measures and ways to remain healthy and fight the virus and the economic measures taken. Naturally, the public’s focus was also on this point. However, the way the state is handling this matter by taking “two paths” to the goal is valuable; one, health first, two, new world post-pandemic.

The first thing that needs to be known about the “new” order the pandemic is moving the world towards is that the world is waiting almost ready (prepared) both economically and politically. The 2008 global financial crisis shook the West and drove it to economically and politically shift towards China. The 2020 crisis/epidemic is triggering a much greater shift in the same direction!

This is also an interpretation of the statement, “The epidemic shifted from its center China to Europe” and U.S. President Donald Trump’s words, “I feel like a wartime president.”

The target in the epidemic and economic attack was Wuhan-based China. Is the target still the same? It is currently Europe. Tomorrow it will be the U.S. Also, the presidential elections are approaching. (“Inside the Military’s top secret plans if Coronavirus cripples the government,” March 18, 2020, Newsweek)

Control of the epidemic/economic crisis/political instability may be taken over by China! Indeed, together with its “partners.”


China’s fight against the virus transitioned into a different phase the last three days and the number of new cases has been zeroed. As soon as this stage was reached, it is seen that the Beijing government opened a completely new page to “help the world.”

The most disccused topic is how the virus traveled around India, which has the most suitable conditions for the virus to survive/spread, and reached the West. How is it that the number of cases/deaths in India remains so low?

We can simplify the question as: What is China’s role in how India copes with the epidemic? What does Delhi predict in the short term?

Italy is at the top of these. It welcomed the help from China (37 groups of doctors), the country that received the heaviest blow from the epidemic, and almost left the management of the struggle to Beijing.

The Chinese helping hand will most likely reach the U.K. and Germany as well. That these countries are now economically and politically seeking a new position for themselves in the East-West competition and that they conflict with the U.S. from time to time are considered everyday knowledge. When we recall how London and Berlin described the potential effects/risks of the epidemic on their countries, we can also predict how much the help can influence these capitals as well.

If, in an atmosphere which claims that the Queen is running away from the virus, that Prince Philip died of the virus are circulating on world television channels, the answer to the question, “Who will save Britain?” is “Beijing,” then we can better understand why the White House is insisting on the “Chinese virus” label as the name of the pandemic.


It is clear that China is starting to carry the fight against the “bacteria” to countries that have no means/capacity/strategy to fight the virus, and whose geographical position is in line with its own goals.

Pakistan fits this profile. (“Xi holds talks with Pakistani president to deepen ties amid fight against Covid-19,” March 17, 2010, Xinhua.) Russia fits this profile. (“China ready to organize emergency supplies of medicines to Russia,” March 19, 2020, TASS.) Iran fits this profile. (“Chinese people, firms send new anti-corona aid to Iran,” March 13, 2020, Tehran Times.) Afghanistan fits this profile, as do certain countries in the Asia-Pacific. (“South Asia's Coronavirus Cases may be tip of the Iceberg,” March 17, 2020, Foreign Policy.) In other words, they are paths that lead to the West and come from the West. So, it is the bio-politics of Pacific wars.

The Chinese government and certain international Chinese companies have already sent doctors and health equipment to France, Spain, Belgium, Iraq, the Philippines, and the U.S. This is first “aid,” but it is not aid alone. This is because world media and public see the help coming from China while Washington slams China daily due to the epidemic. (“As the U.S. blames China for the Coronavirus pandemic, the rest of the world asks China help,” March 18, 2020, The Intercept.)


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