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That promise the US made to the 'Turkish Strategic State'

It should be understood by now.

A strategic state plan and an actual example through which its practice can be “viewed” is limited.

Only four days ago, we wrote that those who understood had understood then. Those who did not understand probably do now. For some time now, the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) has been conducting interesting military exercises. Part of these are 'in the planned drills.'

“In the Erciyes-2016 Battalion Task Force Joint Landing Drill conducted by the Commando Brigade deployed in Kayseri, the commandos completed the challenging operation with success.” (“Komandolardan nefes kesen tatbikat” (Breathtaking drill by commandos), 25/05, AA.) Those who know the Kayseri Brigade, know!

“The Turkish Armed Forces shared its skill in 'amphibious operation,' which is the world's most risky assault operation, with ally forces.” (“Mini Normandiya” (Mini Normandy), 27/05, Yeni Şafak.)

There are a couple of critical points regarding this drill. The first is the landing ships that were used. There is no other like them in the world. Those who also know Turkey's historical relationship with landing ships, know. The other is the “allies.” A shortlist of those allies is a reflection of not the state of our region but the state of the world: The US, Saudi Arabia and Poland. It seems Yeni Şafak's headline reached its target, don't you think?

Finally, the transfer of numerous “Fırtına Howitzers” to the Syrian border is also important. This is not “reinforcement.” If you send 16 Fırtına Howitzers somewhere, that is not “defense.” Especially if you sent 10 of them a week ago. In other words, we are talking about 'landing-assault-embarkation.' (“O armalara karşı TSK'dan sıradışı hareketler” (Extraordinary moves by the TSK against those insignias), 28/05, Yeni Şafak.)

'Strategic state's' mind flow

Then we can establish it on this ground. Because “between the lines” is actually the top of the next line.

In chronological order…

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan made a series of statements to journalists on the flight back from Diyarbakır on May 29. When answering the questions, he formed “unprecedented” sentences. “Our Fırtına Howitzers are doing extremely well. And we are able to use them easily, because we produce their ammunition ourselves.” (“PKK'nın elinde Rus füzeleri var” (Russian missiles in PKK possession), 30/05, Sabah.)

Another news from the same day: “US military Lt. Gen. Charles Brown warned that the US military's smart weapons reserves used to fight Daesh are depleted. Brown said, 'The situation should be reviewed, taking into account the stocks in other regions around the world to meet war needs.' If the reserves run out so fast, the costs will have a significant impact on the US economy.” (“IŞİD, ABD ordusuna pahalıya mal oluyor!” (Daesh is costing the US an arm and a leg), 30/05, Dünya Bülteni.)

Do you want more?

By all means… “The shelter driller/'penetrating bomb' that is also the first concrete drilling ammunition developed in Turkey using local resources, is produced at the Machinery and Chemical Industry Institution's (MKEK) ammunition factory in Kırıkkale.” (“'Sığınak delici' milli bombalar üretiliyor” ('Shelter-drilling' national bombs are being produced), 30/05, AA.)

Ankara on a rise

We are still on the same day.

Erdoğan said: “The PKK, PYD, YPG, Daesh [Kurdistan Workers' Party, Democratic Union Party, People's Protection Forces] are all one and the same. They are all terrorist organizations. I condemn the support the US is currently providing the PYD and YPG. This is not the promise they gave us. This is not what we were promised. I am someone who believes politics should be practiced honestly. Therefore, our allies, those who are with us in NATO, cannot and should not send their own soldiers to Syria, with insignias of the YPG." (“Diyarbakır mesajı: ABD'yi kınıyorum” (Diyarbakır message: I condemn the US), 30/05, Hürriyet.)

There is a before to the tide, but I will merely mention it and continue: “We suggest that when they go to the other regions of Syria, they should wear the insignias of Daesh, al-Nusra and Al-Qaida and when they go to Africa, they should wear the Boko Haram insignia.” (“Bakan Çavuşoğlu'ndan ABD'ye arma çıkışı!” (Minister Çavuşoğlu's insignia outburst to the US!), 27/05, Akşam.)

We are nearing the breaking point, but it will not break yet… There is still some more time and a right place…

Another drill: “In his speech at the Efes 2016 Drill, also attended by President Erdoğan and Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım, Chief of General Staff Gen. Hulusi Akar said, 'The TSK is a deterrent and reputable army. Our primary objective is to contribute to security, calm, peace and stability in the country, region and the world. The TSK's first preference is to solve problems through dialogue. But it can never be expected to allow violations that spoil the peace and security in our country and the region. The TSK is also in support of the alliances established to provide peace and stability in our region and the world. Yet, it should not be forgotten that when establishing alliances, the promises made and the agreements reached are all mutual pacts.” (“İttifaklar kurulurken verilen sözler birer ahittir” (Promises made when establishing alliances are all pacts), 31/05, AA.)

This is the first time the Efes drill took place with international participation. There is something that the list of participating countries tells us: “Germany, the US, Azerbaijan, the UK, Qatar, Pakistan, Poland and Saudi Arabia.” In other words, the addressees and supporters of the statements are all in the same place.

Yet, the surprise of this article might be another piece of news that went unnoticed yesterday: “Russia announced that it asked Turkey to withdraw its troops from Iraq.” (“Russia to Turkey: Withdraw your troops from Iraq,” 31/05, Reuters.)

Do you see? You do one thing but get a non-related reponse from elsewhere.

What was that promise, that pact? “Ankara no longer trusts Washington with northern Syria.” That was the promise.


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