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The day after tomorrow

The U.S.’s recognition of Israel’s sovereignty over Golan Heights at a time when the region has become extremely volatile will probably end with our observation on how the “Greater Middle East” will be sucked into a vortex of dangerous centrifugal power…

We cannot ignore one thing: the Israeli elections. In an environment where the former defense minister and the former chief general seem to be bypassing Netanyahu, according to the polls, there is the positive impact of Trump’s signature. This is a secondary issue…

Because regardless of whether Netanyahu’s political career be bright or dark, the Golan Heights fait accompli will bring about some global consequences.

There are disputed and vulnerable border areas all over the world, and especially in the “Greater Middle East”. Moreover, these borderlines, which can only be seen if you hold the map above a flame are right in the middle of an area where a great struggle for power is ravaging the entire region…

Kashmir, Crimea, Cyprus, Israel-Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, India-China, Pakistan-India, China-Taiwan, Russia-Ukraine, Crimea, Abkhazia and South Ossetia… Even though they all are not a part of the Middle East in definition, they are actually all the same.

Nowadays, ignoring international law along these borders is opening new doors to solutions for similar problems. We already know the current situation of the United Nations: it has rules and decisions, but it doesn’t have the power to implement them. The case of Jerusalem was significant in the sense that it showed the UN to be alive and kicking, but it proved ineffectual.

The United States and President Trump completely ignored the fundamental principle of the UN, which states that the integrity or sovereignty of a country cannot be threatened, and moreover forbids the use of force to this end.

There is still time and opportunities to overcome these problems, but the conditions we talked about above coincide with the decision to drop charges against Trump for colluding with Russia…


This is how great wars begin…

Both the First World War and the Second World War started like this. And only blood could settle the issue. (Austria-Hungary/Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hitler-Versailles Treaty)

Today the U.S. and Israel are violating the UN Charter. So, they are undermining the fundamentals of the order…

Let's go back to the conditions we talked about. The Golan Heights decision was made at a time when there are fierce rivalries ove the governments and territories fueled by the Middle East’s exceptional, complicated historical and political processes, at a time when uncertainty has reached the level of waiting anxiously in fear.

About a century ago countries and borders were made up. Turkey was an exception. Now, those made up countries and borders are feeling the same fear. Because neither their capital cities nor their borders are at peace. Most of the regions and states have already lost their sovereignty…

Since the issues were left unresolved, whatever we try to fix falls apart.

While the countries in the region were still in shock, Saudi Arabia condemned the U.S.’s Golan decision. We found it insincere and we have reasons for that. However, in reality, it was one of the relatively sincere condemnations. In the last couple of months, we have all witnessed Riyadh’s hypocrisy. But in reality, their borders too are “disputed”. They raised their voices out of fear.

“Saudi Arabia expresses its firm rejection and condemnation of the U.S. administration’s declaration that it recognizes Israel’s sovereignty over the occupied Syrian Golan Heights. The declaration will have a negative impact on the peace process in the Middle East, as well as further risk the security and stability of the region.”

This is the Golan decision.

If the entire region is artificial, how it was able to stand to this date? Because they hold it together! What we are witnessing today is like constructing skyscrapers out of desert sand.


We can’t even see the arena completely…

The U.S. president signed the declaration to recognize Israeli sovereignty over Golan Heights on March 25. On March 27, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who “declared” that Trump was sent to earth by God, held a meeting with Uyghur activists in Washington. In his official statement he said: “The U.S. is fighting China’s oppressive policies against Islam”…

Who is defending what, and against whom?


The actions of the U.S. and Israel bear risks for them too.

First the decision to move the U.S.’s Israel embassy to Jerusalem, and now the Golan decision will weaken the U.S’s position in its accusation against Iran for not upholding international law. As a result, what they have done in Syria by using Iran’s presence as a justification may backfire. Tehran will try to take advantage of this weakness…

There is also the statements of the higher authorities of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

“Trump's statement will not change the reality that (...) the Arab Golan Heights is Syrian land occupied by Israel using military force in 1967. The statements by the American president undermine the chances of achieving a just and comprehensive peace."

Some argue that the Golan decision will strengthen the Syria-Iran alliance based on resistance against the U.S. and Israel and will quickly bring the Arab world closer to Syria.

Maybe… But what is the risk of “upsetting the security of the region and regional balances” for the U.S.? They don’t plan things like that. If they recognize Israeli sovereignty over Golan Heights, it signifies they have already sold the place to someone.

One thing is certain. The international principles of the UN preconditioning respecting territorial integrity and the borders of a country have been violated.

That is why, you can consider the votes you are to set to cast in Turkey’s local elections as ammunition for the country.


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