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The 'extraordinary' US-Turkey-Russia operation

Reuters news agency especially served this part of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's statement yesterday and the other news agencies underlined it: "Either the rockets fired from the Syrian border are stopped and cooperation is undertaken to achieve this, or we will solve the problem ourselves."

Last week Turkish Special Forces troops crossed the Syrian border and the entire world saw it. This includes Russians as well.

For some it is a restricted operation to measure Russia's reaction, but for some others it is an indication of what is to come.

It is unknown whether Russian intelligence realized the situation or found out about it from the media. It is highly possible that they saw it.

Then there should be a meaning for this “silence.” (“Turkey's Elite Force Stages Raid against Islamic State Fighters in Syria,” 10/05, WSJ.)

The interesting point is that Ankara has been demonstrating power in the region on more occasions than one, and saying "there is more," even to the extent of "I will clean it."

This means there is an "extraordinary" and "increasing" course that shows something big is about to happen.

It can even be said by the experts that the operation that is not “offending and not rioting" can "gather energy" on the Syrian side.

It has been hoped that a buffer zone would be formed in the north of Syria since the first day of the events in the south of the Turkish border.

In the new situation, hope is on the rise.

Turkey has been crossing the Syrian border frequently. Each time it has noted Moscow's attitude and will power.


Global readers have connected Turkey's new situation in relation to Syria with Ankara's "evaluating" the tension between Russia and the West reaching the peak. It is partly true.

But there is another possibility that everyone is hopeful for the best. It is that the East-West fault line broken from the Baltics to the China Sea could have skipped the Syrian border.

So... We should be ready for spectacular surprises. The US-Russia negotiation may be possible depending on Turkey.

Is seems as though Moscow is toning down in its heart the hard time the US is giving it in accordance with a certain objective and pending its insecurity. This is an interesting situation. (“Why Future of War in Syria Depends on Battle for Aleppo,” 12/05.)

This can mean using a "pressure and persuasion cocktail" which are the tools of "hybrid diplomacy" rather than an immediate attack on Aleppo coming from the battlefield.

Actually what this will bring to Russia is not good. This will leave behind in Syria the "assimilation plan of the oppressed opposition" plan only, which will last decades, and Russia cannot manage this.

Keeping the opposite in its hand will be self-possession. It should be expected that without losing any more time, the Moscow and Tehran administrations should persistently continue their attacks to keep Aleppo under control.

The other possibility is to keep it in mind.


There is a simple verification of all of them but seeing this means being a little late…

How will the US react to the fall of Aleppo?

Here there can be a trapped situation for Russia and Iran as well, because Ankara can be sharpening its bayonet for beyond Syria on the US's sharpening stone.

Nobody is sure about this. This is a secret between the US and Turkey. The only strong evidence is that the tension between the US and Russia has never escalated so much before and Moscow's shouts of victory in Syria have been annoying the Washington administration. It is not like let's wait and see…Let's wait in a prepared way…


You saw how The New York Times, one of the biggest newspapers in the world, attended the 100th anniversary “celebrations” of Sykes-Picot, didn't you?

With a detailed new map parceling Turkey.

I think such map-philia is similar to necrophilia…

Sykes-Picot is the plan of imperialism to divide and share the Ottoman Empire, but for example it is also the principle of Israel's birth, or realpolitik which feeds on global immorality, and explains the mental womb in which the “divide and rule” principle is found…

The black flowers of its seed have been blossoming in Iraq, Syria, Daesh and the outlawed PKK where millions of people have died.

Was this how the “soulless science” the Westerns are stuck in like the compass needle whose magnet does not work, was going to use navigation/mapping?

How are those who are making fun of the socio-cultural character of a society which is even ashamed of asking for an address to find its way admire those who draw maps using blood?

Those who saw, knew and even loved Lawrence of Arabia in the movie cannot see that the Ottoman/Turkish/Islamic soldiers who were stabbed in the back with slitless dagger have been fighting the same war today in the southeast.

They will do this… Going to see the recently released film, “Gertrude Bell-Queen of the Desert,” they will justify the Western mentality in their conscience with the beauty of Nicole Kidman, they will pin the babies of the refugees who are hanged on the barbed wires on European borders on the “foolishness of the East and immaturity.”

But it is not like that anymore. It is over.

Let us just remember that Sykes-Picot is the first, big and “infectious” collective trap…

Happy death anniversary sir…


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