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The foster-land and the Turkish aircraft carrier

With the feeling created in Ankara and the surprise created among the public by the statements of the newly elected president of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) –a country that desires to grow- before he even received his official mandate…

Is it possible to establish a connection between the picture of President Erdoğan, -who opened the International Defense Industry Exhibition- in front of the “Turkish aircraft carrier” –even though it is technically mentioned by a different name and description (LPD, or Landing Platform Dock) - and the words he mentioned, “as soon as possible?”


“The Sharing summit in Eastern Mediterranean: Egyptian, Greek and Greek Cypriot leaders in Greek Cyprus organized a trilateral summit, emphasizing the idea that the Eastern Mediterranean should be shared amongst the three countries.” (30/04)

“Invite me and I'll come to Cyprus: It has been learned that Prince Charles has told TRNC Parliamentary Speaker Sibel Siber that he would come to Cyprus if he is invited.” (30/04)

“Full EU support for TRNC President Akıncı: Juncker has stated that as the European Commission, they support Akıncı's pledge to resolve the Cyprus issue.” (02/05)

“Joint drill by China and Russia in the Mediterranean: It has been reported that the Chinese and Russian navies would carry out a military drill for the first time in the Mediterranean.” (02/05)

“Gas agreement with the 'Bone Brother' Turkmenistan: Taner Yıldız, Turkey's Energy Minister has said that a memorandum of understanding regarding the utilization of Turkmen gas has been signed following the Quadruple Meeting between Turkey, Turkmenistan, the EU and Azerbaijan .” (02/05)

“Israel can only transfer the gas through Turkey': Cohen, Israel's consul general in Istanbul, said 'The cheapest and most effective way to diversify energy resources is regional cooperation. A pipeline could be built from Leviathan, the Israeli gas basin to southern Turkey. Talks are currently being held between private firms. At the same time, there are also international energy firms.” (02/05)

“Turkish torpedoes on stage: ASELSAN will exhibit its Defense Torpedo against Torpedoes (TORK) at the International Defense Industry Fair (IDEF '15) for the first time.” (03/05)

“The goal is to reach a solution in Cyprus by 2015: As soon as the newly elected president of the TRNC assumed his seat, he appointed Özdil Nami, who previously served as the negotiator during former President Mehmet Ali Talat's term as the negotiator.” (03/05)

“Private jet for Akıncı: President Erdoğan assigned a private jet for Akıncı, whom he had a “mother-land/foster-land” polemic, on the day he was elected.” (06/05)

“Akıncı in Ankara before the negotiations: Turkey and Turkish Cyprus will warn the Greek side, 'This mission can no longer continue with open-ended negotiations.' Ankara will give strong support for the Turkish Cypriots during the negotiations.” (06/05)

“Turkey-TRNC water project debated at the Greek Cypriot Parliament: According to an article reported by Politis daily published in the Greek side, the installation of pipes has not been completed under the scope of the water supply project between Turkey and TRNC, and that the targeted completion date (July 20, 2015) will not be met. On the other hand, Yoannis Kasulidis , the Greek Foreign Minister has claimed that there are plans to sell the water to Israel in the future.” (06/05)

“The national aircraft carrier LPD showcased: the prototype of Turkey's National Aircraft Carried LPD, which is planned to hit the seas by 2019 has been exhibited at the IDEF for the first time.” (This news has been published with the same picture in almost all newspapers and it is an exceptional photo: almost none of the articles below the state officials who are looking at the vessel have any information about the vessel. In fact, some newspapers did not even mention its name. But everyone's eyes are set on that vessel! (06/05)

“Submarines are also being nationalized: Turkey, which is producing national tanks, helicopters and vessels, is now about to finish its national submarine. The STM, which is affiliated with the Undersecretary of Defense Industry, has rolled up its sleeves for the design of a new type submarine.” (07/05)

“2015 could be a year of solution in Cyprus: President Erdoğan has said that 'Our Turkish Cypriot brothers and sisters have made all the effort till now and have proved that they are the side genuine about finding a solution. The Greek Cypriots should renounce making things difficult. In the case that this happens, we believe that 2015 will be a year of solution for Cyprus . TRNC President Mustafa Akıncı: 'We have reached a critical threshold in Cyprus. The positivity of the international arena following my election is an extra source of power.” (07/05)

“Erdoğan: Turkey is carrying out a project –which could be referred to as the project of the century- to find a solution to TRNC's water demand.” (07/05)

“ Iran could become a partner in TANAP (Trans-Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline): Muhsin Pakayin, the Iranian Consul General in Azerbaijan has stated that his country could become a partner in TANAP, which aims to transfer natural gas from Azerbaijan to the European market.” (07/05)

“Gazprom: Reached an agreement with Ankara regarding the Turkish Stream: The statement made by Gazprom on Thursday indicates that the Turkish Stream, which is expected to carry Russian gas through pipes built below the Black Sea is getting closer to reality.” (08/05)

“The floating giant for the fleet: LPD Project signed. The vessel will be the largest naval platform included in the inventory of the Turkish Armed Forces…” (08/05)

Bring together the aforementioned countries

Where is the Eastern Mediterranean?..

There is a series of encyclopedic information which has drawn the borders of this geography… Let me tell you about an unknown one…

“The borders of the Eastern Mediterranean map that is drawn by civilians are different from the ones drawn by the military!”


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