These internal conflicts will have global results! - NEDRET ERSANEL

These internal conflicts will have global results!

You haven’t misread…. Conventional readings state that when the balances in a country’s domestic politics are disrupted, then the determination in that country’s foreign policies will also be dispersed. It’s still valid.

I also state the contrary in the Turkey example.

They’ve said “ramifications” which amount to saying; “it will have results”.

It also amounts to “Branching out” which means that “we have the roots”….


Throughout their rulership life, AK Party had never experienced any election period under usual domestic and foreign conditions. This time it’s not different as well, and as we can see, additional burdens are being placed on the back of the government….

1. The dynamics, which are conducted over the President-Prime Minister-Presidential system and that forces the permanent settlement to change.

2. The adaptation difficulties brought forward by the three-period rule, which carries the leaders to a new position, in a style that flings the state of “having won seven congresses and losing an election for the first time” into their faces, and changes the politicians with the fresh/vigorous ones, for the rulership party.

3. The ones who are leaving will always want to see the invoice, while the ones who stay behind want to leave the tab open.

4. The peace process in the Kurdish issue, which had consumed decades and tens of thousands of citizens of the country, that liquidates the resolution and the old times.

5. The moves to pull the Turkish Armed forces, which had successfully conducted a cross-border operation appropriately to the spirit of the task, into a game.

6. Increasing manipulations towards the economic consistency, which Ankara government avoided the most for the survival of the country.

7. And of course, the general election itself.

Elections are extraordinary cases and they will have difficulty in tolerating other extraordinary states in the other clauses.

This the reason for the weight on us.


All of these, at the same time, are the pains of a new “political birth”…

Whether you regard this as a fortune or misfortune, but all the milestones in Turkey’s past 15 years had all coincided with the times when a global faltering was being experienced.

Now, it’s also like that.

When the bones of politics are started to be cut by a fretsaw, no one will turn around and look at the foreign policies. However, foreign policies will face towards you right at moments like that….

Turkey's problem will become your problem!

The strangeness starts at this point… Even the ones who have the potential to scratch your wound are wounded!

If the road to the June elections and the result of those elections damage Turkey, putting internal arsonists aside, the foreign players will be unable to hold the area, which had started to ravel out from Ukraine to Yemen, until it rips. Including the super powers. On top of that, a risk of a secondary rip from Europe-Balkans to Caucasus-Central Asia central line will be solidified.

Do the people, who are applauding “with the lust of a barbarian” the claim that Turkey’s “model partner” titles have been “taken off” and the zero problem plan had collapsed, think that they can manage this? I will laugh at that.

Iran-Israel, Iran-Gulf Countries (Saudi Arabia), Israel-Syria, Israel-US, Egypt-Israel, Egypt-Gulf Countries, Egypt-Turkey and Turkey-Israel relations, sect wars, Iraq, Northern Iraq, Syria, the AFPAK line that starts from the southern border of Turkey to India, Mediterranean energy/politics fault lines, Caspian Basin, Black Sea-Russia equations, NATO’s “wing”, Greece-Turkey-Cyprus relations….

Who were the key countries that “held” all these together? Now how many of them are consistent?One!

“Because of Turkey's regional role and its position amid several conflicts, domestic political unease could have global ramifications…” (‘A Meaningful Political Challenge Arises in Turkey’, 23/03, Thomas Friedman, Stratfor.)

Well… Suit yourselves!

After the Chinese missiles, the Turkish movement is on the list of suspects

On Monday, the Special Representative of International Energy Relations from the U.S. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Amos Hochstein, “The key player of the U.S.’s energy diplomacy”, had given an interview to a newspaper; “I had long discussions with my Turkish respondents over the natural gas needs of the region and the strategic role of natural gas. Natural gas is not just a commercial material. Thus, speaking about energy is nothing like speaking about telecommunications. Here, we are talking about a strategic and geo-strategic material…”

“Thus, we should be sure that we believe in the same tactics and procedures. This is a game that is played with high stakes; we should be sure that we are on the same page with Turkey…” (‘Turkish movement, political project’, 23/03, Hürriyet newspaper.)

Hochstein is forming these sentences based on the energy relations between Russia and Turkey, and, the questions over the “Turkish Movement”. (They have no problems related with TANAP.)

The U.S. thinks that Russia is using it’s energy as a political trump car/weapon, and U.S. is working to prevent that. The above statement is also within this context. They are also inviting us to do this. They are telling us “think about the political objective”. They encourage us from time to time, and sometimes warn us in an appropriate manner. I guess that there is value in the advice of a country like the U.S., who bases all their political-military existence over “energy and political objectives” and advanced by stepping over those regions.

I guess that sharing these “ideas” with the public via press must be hiding a message and intention. The “I cannot influence” part is also included in it’s translation.

It’s clear that, similar to Chinese missiles, the “Turkish Movement” is also another one of strategic, political developments which is being warned by the U.S./West by waving their finger….


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