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War? A super idea!

It is quite natural that the audience and readers are curiously following the balances in Ankara. We can say that media outlets meet the need while they also exaggerate the encouragement of the public.

Meanwhile the simple and short reality is that it is over!

The stones in Ankara have fallen into place.

However, the world is about to shake soon and I can give you an exact date: September-October 2016.

It is clear that the new Ankara government will be effected by the tension that will be caused!

We have no other choice but to face it.


Three interesting moments of madness took place between U.S. and Russian armed forces in the last 20 days. They all happened on the Russia border. In one of the incidents a U.S. missile destroyer went as close as 70 kilometers to the Russian navy base in Kaliningrad - a place known as Russian land in Europe.

The other two incidents were not only dangerous but hilarious too as the Russians caught U.S. spy crafts on the Russian border and were protested by Washington for this. ("Erratic&aggressive: Pentagon protests Russian interception of spy plane," 17/04, RT.)

Meaning, things happen and they coincide with U.S. President Barack Obama's last days in office. Otherwise it is impossible for Washington to give Kremlin such a hard time when the presidential seat has to be transferred safe and sound, especially with a president who is criticized of being passive.

There should be reasons to build up intentional and risky tension...

Obama visited Berlin in his Europe tour, which local media presented as a "farewell tour." He said that, "New NATO forces were to be deployed in central Europe" and Chancellor Angela Merkel approved of it! ("Germany willing to participate in NATO deterrence against Russia," 29/04, Xinhua.)

Obama needed Germany's support because the deployment was to happen in the old Warsaw Treaty countries.

Undoubtedly, this is an attempt that will cause problems. But the real problem is that in the case troops are deployed at Russia's foot, the "Founding Act on Mutual Relations, Cooperation and Security" signed between NATO and Russia 20 years ago will be violated!

The basic rule that directs the relations between super powers NATO and Europe will be violated by the U.S. and several European countries.

On the one hand it is provoking Russia in order to justify itself, and is feeding Europe's consolidation on the other. We should really feel irritated by this, because the U.S. is pushing NATO toward Russia.

This is the reason for the increase in attacks on all East-West borders. This could be resembled to Russian planes constantly violating the Turkish border and thus one was shot down.

It is not over. Sweden and Finland's NATO membership is also on the agenda! Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said, "We will take action if Sweden joins NATO." ("Russia challenges Sweden," 28/04, Yeni Şafak.)

This slight problem will soon turn into a crisis. And it will reach a peak in July before the NATO summit titled "Deterring against Russia" starts in Warsaw in September-October.

You can add the EU's extending its sanctions on Russia to the list. It is evident that Rome and Paris oppose this idea. The frequency of military operations is increased to persuade these indecisive countries.


What could be worse than the likelihood of a global war?

The fact that it will not end.

But, one is not sure whether such a decision will be taken. Two parties currently competing in the parliament race in the U.S. for presidency announced that they will be proposing to congress a law that will forbid - pay attention to this part - "any U.S. president" from lifting the sanctions on Russia, until the desired result is achieved in relation to Ukraine. ("U.S. bill links Russia sanctions relief to Crimea's return to Ukraine," 29/04, Radio Free Europe.) The good thing is that Crimea is included in this law, meaning that this legacy might be handed down from Obama to the new president and even down to the "grand-child president." But the statement that needs to be made in terms of global politics is that "The U.S.'s deep state is guaranteeing the form of Russia-U.S. relations exempt from the future presidents. So it does not matter whether Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton is elected next president.


The DUMA elections in Russia will take place on Sept. 18. The U.S. presidential and congress elections will take place on Nov. 8.

This means that this will be a time period in which Moscow and Washington cannot be flexible against political, economic and military moves that come their way.

They might reprise and even increase tension themselves in this case.

Naturally the parties, primarily the U.S., will transfer also the internal operations to their opponent in order to affect the election results.

The currently popular Russian President Vladimir Putin, might distract certain public opinion with the fear of this war and might even turn them into votes in favor.

Well, you might ask, "Why is the U.S. creating an opportunity for this?" Don't say it. Because one of the two main reasons for the economic crisis is military expenses.

Who do you think is next in line for president?



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