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What would happen if Khashoggi’s murderer builds a missile as nuclear deals collapse?

Though it may seem as the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi has slid off Turkey’s agenda, the international war-- of which Turkey is also a side of-- behind the curtains of the case has reached an incredible level.

As is known, Agnes Callamard, the special rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions at the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, was in Turkey with a delegation that included expert forensic scientists. She stayed for some time, met with officials, and stated that she is considering going to Riyadh even though she was not permitted to enter the Saudi Arabian Embassy and departed Turkey yesterday.

This visit is an extension of Ankara's decision (October 2018) to carry the Khashoggi murder to the international level. But does it have the strength to hit the target?

Because Ankara does not want to destroy, it wants to "create a fluctuation in power."

Of course, we can say that the Khashoggi murder drew greater attention in the West and remained on their agenda longer than expected. This is fine. However, when money, oil, and Saudi Arabia got involved, the subject will weaken, and die out with actions such as sending a rapporteur and establishing a committee, which are all aimed at killing time. The rapporteur's visit will be presented to the Human Rights Council in June. Even in Turkey, with the elections and the east of the Euphrates, it has a limited place on our agenda.

Is that so?


The Khashoggi case is the spearhead of the East-West front Middle East policy. It holds the same gravity for Turkey. This case is not going to close. The West is not going to close it either.

Essentially, the rapporteur and her delegation's visit to Saudi Arabia - whether she is permitted or not to do so - which we mentioned in a single line only, is an attempt that will draw great attention in the West.

But there is more to this and it needs to be known by the Turkish public. The matter is not solely mauling a Middle East coalition caught "red handed" in the presence of the West.

If we call the UN visit article one, the second article of the simultaneous and possibly the co-minded developments is that the European Commission added Saudi Arabia last week to the list of countries posing a threat to the European Union due to its attitude with respect to financing terrorism and money laundering. ('Saudi Arabia added to draft list of countries posing threat to EU: Report', 25/01, Middle East Eye.)

In other words, Riyadh is now being added to the list of countries such as North Korea, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Syria, and Afghanistan. Western interpreters read this situation - the great loss of reputation is something else - as, "It will make financial relations with the EU difficult." This means economic problems.

Yet, prior to the Khashoggi murder, Saudi Arabia and the "globe coalition" had presented regional and global economic claims promising massive financial gains.

Then, let us ask...

Do you believe that two such important steps taken by the United Nations and the European Union are unrelated?


Still, those who have a love for those certain countries - also in the media - of the “globe coalition” should not be left wounded.

Thirdly, an exclusive report containing satellite footage and expert opinions proving that Saudi Arabia produced and is testing ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear bombs, was presented to the world public ('Rocket-engine test stand at secret Saudi missile base resembles Chinese design expert say', 27/01, Associated Press).

It is obvious that the report leaked to the media and was prepared to be presented to the American congress leans on the CIA.

If Riyadh has taken such a step, everybody in the West will describe it as, "Like Iran." And this will be associated with the judgment in the report, "Such level of operations can solely be possible through Crown Prince Salman's personal order."

Shall we expand the same question? Do you believe that three such steps taken by the United Nations, the EU and the U.S. are completely unrelated to one another?

I am sorry, but the pot of the table which Turkey set a game is not that low.

If the Riyadh administration has broken the Globe Coalition and turned its sights to China instead of paying the price for the Khashoggi murder, it will not end well. Perhaps this is also what lies behind these multiple steps.

Because such a situation will only speed up the reduced impact of the U.S. over the Gulf, and drive the region off the rails with the Moscow-Beijing factors. It is uncertain whether tensions have escalated as much, but who knows, it might go as far as bringing the political substitutes into the game.

If the Gulf's top royalty purchases these technologies from China, from Russia, or another country in the region with whom they have good relations, the total of the three developments we listed here may deviate the Saudi mind that is not willing to move outside the U.S.'s strategic orbit.


I am not sure if we have succeeded in explaining the "Khashoggi case" and Turkey's level of sensitivity regarding the topic, even a little. But this is still a small game!

This topic is also related to the cause and result of the Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF), from which the U.S. withdrew. Russia and China know exactly what this means.

Likewise, Riyadh has not left the West. It has attached great significance to the most recent Davos Summit. (For a more powerful analysis; ‘Khashoggi ghost lurks in the shade’, 29/01, Bhadrakumar, İndian Punchline.) The lobbying operations, especially by global oil giant Aramco, which is also one of the dark pieces of the big puzzle, show that they are trying to hold on.


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