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Will Ankara or Moscow approach the US faster?

Their first mistake was this: As they launched the proxy wars which have nowadays turned into a boring cliché, they assumed that one of the main actors would not come to the field…

But it did…

That is why, a military maneuver on the scale of an “operation” is producing “strategic results.”

They did not care about the Operation Euphrates Shield and did not understand Operation Olive Branch, but now they are scared.

Capturing half of Manbij ‘in advance’ is a contraband of war.

But it is not enough…

* * *

For this reason, there will be a military parade in Washington, which they feel the need to do for the first time since the Gulf War in 1991!

We can understand why they need this “morale,” but here is the naked truth of the U.S.: armored vehicles and tracked carriers cannot join this military parade because the “infrastructures” of the roads that they will take are rotten. Only soldiers will march.

They will walk in combat boots in Washington which they could not walk with in Syria…

* * *

You can start a trade war against the EU which was established as the European Coal and Steel Community in 1957 and include China in this war too, but you are corrupted, even in the capital!

On the other hand, leaderships in the East are getting stronger in terms of politics, too. Chinese President Xi Jinping is a “lifelong leader!” Russian leader Putin will be re-elected in the election four days from now (March 18).

And “China-Russia relations are unshakable” says Beijing…

If a nuclear attack happens against Turkey, Russia will take an action, says Kremlin…

Following “new weapons” which were put on display during Russian President Vladimir Putin’s annual state-of-the-nation speech to the Federal Assembly on March 1, the U.S. Defense Undersecretary John C. Rood answered the questions of the senators in the Congress about this issue…

“Our missile defense capability does not enable us to neutralize the Russian and the Chinese strategic arsenals!”

However, the reason why Moscow introduced new weapons and decided to protect a NATO-member state “against strategic weapons” is Trump’s decision to produce “more usable” nuclear weapons…

* * *

The Chairman of the NATO Military Committee Petr Pavel talked about S-400 anti-air missile systems that Ankara bought from Moscow.

“This system cannot be sold like a Kalashnikov. A Kalashnikov can be used the next day or even the next hour, even by an untrained person. When it comes to a system like the S-400, there needs to be a team of Russian experts in order to help install it, get it operational, and fill its database. In this way Russia will come to possess important NATO data of Turkey.” (March 8)

Moscow: “Turkey expressed a wish to accelerate its implementation and we managed to find the most appropriate solution as we agreed to accelerate the contract's implementation. It was planned for early 2020, we are pulling the date forward” (March 12)

President: “This is the NATO that we are in. We are the strongest member of NATO. We came in response to the calls regarding Afghanistan, Somalia and the Balkans, and now I am making the call: let's go to Syria. Why don't you come? With these things happening in Syria, when will you, NATO, take our side? When will you appear? But unfortunately, there has not been a positive response so far.”

Russian Chief of the General Staff: “Russia will respond to U.S. attacks in Syria.” (March 13)

Minister of Foreign Affairs Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu: “We are at a breaking point in relations with the U.S.” (March 13)

When you turn this flow into a prophecy, publishing a headline like “Turkey-NATO crisis” will not give you a headache, but when you think the formula that “NATO equals the US,” this sentence is significant: “We are the strongest member of NATO!”

All the institutions of the West are crumbling. NATO, the EU and the UN are the U.S. itself. Turkey has a special place in all of these institutions. Here is the situation even in the EU: ‘We are still standing in front of the door but we are not waiting. The EU cannot get out the door!’

Turkey is slapping these countries and the international roofs that they have built every day before the world’s eyes. The slaps sound out loudly because one of the main pillars which holds up that roof is Ankara…

Ankara will not leave its strong position. But it will continue its slapping.

* * *

President Erdoğan’s criticism regarding NATO gave hope to those who see a possible the U.S.-Russia agreement which will be a barrier in front of Ankara’s success in Syria. Because Turkey might lose at the table what it has gained in the field only in such a case, and it might have impacts on domestic politics and elections. They read this as an “invitation.” Some Russian news sources felt the need to announce that “this is a reprimand, not an invitation.”

Could Ankara really be the iron hand in a velvet glove for Moscow in regards to the U.S.?

It must be painful not to understand the matter. What did Putin say? “Agreements between Russia-Turkey-Iran are working!”

On which matter? Clearing the region from terrorists is already done. But there is a bigger and unspoken aim of this triangle: to push those who feed this breeding ground for germs, namely the West, away.

Each of the three countries has problems among themselves. But the biggest one that creates a strategic risk is the West.

For example, NATO’s secretary general on Thursday said that “We are grateful to Turkey for their support to NATO. We also show solidarity with Turkey for the threats Turkey is facing from terrorism.”

And then he added that they expected Turkey to approach its legitimate security concerns temperately.

We will take that measure in Washington on March 19! Çavuşoğlu announced the size of that measure from Russia. What will Mike say about all this after Rex?


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