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An opposition without caliber

At the point where we stand now, there is a case like this; what Cumhuriyet Newspaper did and what's being pumped as great journalism – putting aside the context, and the legal and ethical aspect of it- is only consisting of publishing the things handed to them by the parallel structure on the newspaper. Everyone knows that we are not talking about investigative journalism. Can Dündar's journalism is exactly the same as Mehmet Baransu's journalism, whom they were against and whom they humiliated as a “luggage carrier". The source is also the same; only, the objective is to manipulate the behavior of the voters, rather than make the guardianship process collapse.

The only word used by the opposition; every segment ranging from politician candidates of political parties, people who call themselves leftists, Atatürk supporters and Kemalists; in every government criticism they make is the “you'll be put on trial" word that was put into circulation by the Gülenists.

A similar situation is also happening in the social media; whenever you attempt to remind the acquisitions actualized by the government during the resolution process, bad fuat avni replicas show up and say: “don't be scared; shiver."

I don't know whether we should laugh or cry; the jargon and instruments are provided to all the oppositions of this country, by the Gülenists.

Why is it so? Because, Turkey's competent ones present oppositions; are the representatives of a segment, who never even put an effort to bring forth a logical-consistent antithesis, a counter argument that has an intellectual substructure, against the ideas and lifestyles they don't like. They never needed it and got so used to the easy way that they never even had the thought that they might need to one day.

They seem to have forgotten how to think or create ideas; they've only humiliated and they still are.

This is the reason why they are gathering language or jargon from “The Gülen-led Group"; they are in an existential contradiction, because they cannot create it themselves. They are miles away from creating an expression that everyone can respond with, “Yes, these people are right". Take a look at newspapers like Cumhuriyet, Sözcü or Birgün; they are only attacking and humiliating. Besides, they are doing that with a fiduciary language….

The same visionlessness, narrowness is also the point in question in politics. Whenever AK Party announces a crazy project; CHP swiftly cuts the ribbon of their crazy projects; however, actually this copying is revealing that CHP does not have an idea or road map regarding this country's future. In the same way, the 5,000 TL peak point we've reached in the “exaggeration competition" for the minimum wage, is presenting the groundlessness of these promises, as well as being equal to making a fool of the voters.

The result; an expression, which is provided with dirty alliances known by everyone, has no honest idea remnants, neither possesses a real wound nor a genuine worry, and is the indicator of valor, not rightfulness or honesty. Positioning the Kurds' party, HDP, against AK Party, which delivered the rights of Kurds while risking a vote-loss, will also bump into masses since it does not possess authenticity, honesty, consistency or real worry.

Result; the result of a thing formed by hollow signs, myths and symbols is valor and aggression, not a display of expression superiority or moral rightfulness. As we can see in the present example….

I cannot turn my back

Some women, mostly feminists, really adored the fact that Iğdır women turned their backs to protest Erdoğan. They saw it as a civil disobedience and they are getting carried away on the social media. We can talk about dozens of laws, codes and regulations during AK Party period that made women's lives easier. However, I would like to state that, even if they haven't done anything but just returned the education and civil service right of kerchiefed women, which forms 60% of the country's women population, I wouldn't have turned my back on Erdoğan, nor His personnel.

If only some women, who smiled while saying, “Sorry dear, these are the rules" as a reference to the female students that were not allowed in school, thought of turning their backs on that government… Right?


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