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G7: The climax of the US-EU conflict

Certainly, controversial situations have risen between Trump's America and EU countries in the past. For instance, after Apple was subjected to tax fines in Europe in 2016, a fine of around $3 billion was issued by U.S. courts in April 2017 to Volksw... more


The commencement, aggravation and the spread of the Syria crisis between the U.S. and Russia have developed so quickly that, by looking at the speed and intensity of the developments from two days ago, one would think that the World War III has begun... more

The Conscience Convoy for Syrian women

For the last seven years, women in Syria have been raped, tortured and unlawfully detained in prisons. And this situation has the characteristics of war crime and crimes against humanity according to international law. However, because they are not a... more

The Ottoman slap

The “the Ottoman slap” statement that President Erdoğan used regarding the U.S. in his party’s group meeting was evaluated as “harsh words” on headlines of internet sites. Erdoğan used these words in the following context: “We have come to the end of... more

Afrin Operation: reasons, drawbacks

Those who interpret Turkey’s Afrin operation as “Are we going to war?” have been questioning for days whether this decision was rushed or not. It’s true, precautions wouldn’t hurt. Especially when it is about such a wide scaled operation that might g... more

The US always does this

The report released by BBC dropped like a bomb three days ago. According to the report, which revealed a dirty alliance among DAESH, the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and the U.S., hundreds of Daesh terrorists left the city in convoys in October in ... more

Is Saudi Arabia’s aggression proportional to its power?

Recent developments in Saudi Arabia have surprised many, as it is perhaps the most secluded, but the most stable country in the Middle East and even in the entire East. If the world was turned upside down, the established order in Saudi Arabia would ... more

Catalonians: A nation without a state

The referendum in Catalonia has been widely covered by the Turkish media since it corresponded to the same time of Barzani’s referendum for the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG). As the European Union completely opposed the possibility of Catalonia... more


The expected happened. When northern Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) leader Masoud Barzani disregarded Turkey’s repeated warnings and insisted on his decision to hold the referendum, the predicted scenario came to be. Jalal Talabani’s force... more

Would you like us to hand over Istanbul, too?

Northern Iraq's referendum was held despite objections from neighboring countries. But that referendum did not consist of a referendum alone. According to yesterday’s news, the foreign minister of Bashar Assad's regime said, in reference to the Kurdi... more

Is the Middle East being Balkanized? - II

In my article titled, “Is the Middle East being Balkanized?” published last Friday, I evaluated Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) President Masoud Barzani’s referendum decision and mentioned the term balkanization, saying that sectarianism did not ... more

Northern Iraq referendum: Is the Middle East being Balkanized?

News wires reported yesterday that Iraqi Parliament removed Kirkuk governor Najmaddin Kareem with a unanimous vote. Accordingly, Kareem gathered Kurdish members in the provincial council and decided to fly the flag of the Kurdistan Regional Governmen... more


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