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It's not the fall of Greece; it's the fall of the EU

Greece has gone bankrupt. However, I won't be mentioning the contradiction in the “Let us pay the debts of Greece” suggestion of some people in Turkey, who are saying “our economy is bad, we are going bankrupt”. No, I won't be talking about the frust... more

Some functions of the 'Turkey supports DAESH' thesis

The current situation on the “Is PYD or DAESH more dangerous?” discussion is interesting. Such that, each analysis that does not angelize the PYD - which seems to establish a state with the cantons it added edge-to-edge in front of the world's eyes -... more

Three basic reasons for the election results

Nowadays, it is very popular, but, no, I am not going to recount AK Party's mistakes. However, I am sure nobody has doubt AK Party staff did their best. Moreover, the thing called "failure" is quite relative that; in order to define AK Party “unsucce... more

MIT trucks

The news about the MIT (Turkey's National Intelligence Agency) trucks were published just a week before the elections. Despite the “you will answer for it” words from the scary and cruel dictator of the Fear Empire, they are publishing new episodes e... more

An opposition without caliber

At the point where we stand now, there is a case like this; what Cumhuriyet Newspaper did and what's being pumped as great journalism – putting aside the context, and the legal and ethical aspect of it- is only consisting of publishing the things han... more

Why should we go to the ballot box?

We are facing bizarre alliances again, with only a little time left till the elections. The members of the parallel structure (also known as the Gülen Movement) who leaked details of the top secret Oslo meeting held between Turkey's National Intellig... more

New York Times' anger

In the previous days, President Erdoğan used the “know your place” expression towards the New York Times. As in other examples, this expression was also attributed to Erdoğan's intolerance; it constituted the indication of “how angry” he is. However,... more

Morsi and the dangers of democracy

Look at the developments in Egypt, which attempted a transition to democracy for the first time in their history, in the past two years; the most distinct thing we can see with the naked eye is the hypocrisy of the West. The hypocrisy in question had... more

The atrociousness named 'Let's send the Syrians back'

Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu's (the leader of the Republican People's Party ) “We will send our Syrian brothers and sisters back, every person will feel happy in their country, in the lands they were born” statement is being criticized, naturally. We can't ass... more

The assassin anatomy

Last weekend, a judge acted ultra vires by ruling to release the 75 suspects who were being tried for unlawful wiretapping and other relevant crimes. Because these suspects were from the same community as the judge, which is referred to as the “paral... more

Not a genocide debate; a power struggle

Let me phrase my last words at the beginning: even though I personally think that we do not have to defend the sins of the Committee of Union and Progress, I do not think the Armenian deportation law they passed was aimed at genocide. Because I think... more

How will the presidential system be explained to the society?

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu announced AK Party's election manifesto in a grandiose ceremony the other day. A quick look at the manifesto indicates that Sheikh Edebali's –a prominent Turkish Sufi Sheikh, who provided assistance for shaping and deve... more


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