Coup plotters are innocent, we are guilty​​

The Fetullahist Terror Organization (FETÖ) umbrella case has begun and the first hearing was held yesterday. Initially, 38 "Peace at Home Council" member suspects attended the hearing. Among these suspects, former Air Force Commander Akın Öztürk, claimed he did not know anything at court: "My supreme nation, my commanding officers who raised me and my fellow soldiers must well know that I had no contribution in this treacherous coup attempt and I did not even know about it. As a soldier at this rank and age, I am not someone to point a gun at my fellow soldiers and citizens. I have no interest and relevance with this treacherous coup attempt. Also, I share their sorrows. I have very often faced the risk of death in my 46 years of life. I wish I had died and had not been judged in this way. It hurts my heart. Our country and nation experienced a trauma because of the coup attempt on the night of July 15.”

However, in the Akıncı Air Base indictment, Öztürk is named the number one suspect in the military wing of the coup attempt. It is also known that Öztürk was appointed to the 2nd chief of General Staff by the Peace at Home Council, he acted in cooperation and took action with the other coup plotters, provided the necessary coordination and gave orders for the success of the coup. The indictment reveals the names of the soldiers and civilian FETÖ members, including Öztürk, their meeting in the 143rd fleet on the night of the coup attempt and their decisions made about who would go where and how they would go, what actions would be taken and what targets would be shot at by airplanes and helicopters.

The Konya 3rd Main Jet Base played a strategic role in the treacherous attempt on July 15, 2016. It was revealed that Öztürk was often connected to the base just before the coup. Also, it was found that Sgt. Fatih Karaman, the close guard of Öztürk, visited the Konya 3rd Main Jet Base very frequently and also brought information and instructions to Öztürk and frequently attended FETÖ meetings.

The role of the former general in the coup is as clear as day, but he stated, “I have nothing to do with it, I do not know about it and I share their sorrow,” in his testimony.

The same is also true for Ali Yazıcı, who served as President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's aide for a while. As if defining an extremely innocent case, he said, "I returned to Ankara on July 14. I went to the Presidential Guard Regiment. When the Guard Regiment colonel saw me there, he asked me, 'What are you doing here?' I said my family was in Tokat. He asked me where the president was. I said, 'I do not know.' He showed me on the internet that the president was in Marmaris. I said 'I do not know' again. Later, I called ground and air lieutenants and said, 'I heard the president is in Marmaris. I saw it on the internet. Search it.'”

However, the indictment indicates that a meeting was held to discuss work distribution under Yazıcı's chairmanship at the Presidential Palace on July 14, 2016. During the meeting, Yazıcı and Ground Aide Mete Semercioğlu were assigned to follow things in Ankara, while Air Aide Maj. Erkan Kıvrak and Air Aide Lt. Col. Şafak Deliacı were assigned to go to Antalya and Istanbul, respectively. It also was made clear that Yazıcı investigated the hotel in Marmaris where President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was staying.

Yazıcı, who ended his leave and came to Ankara on July 14, wants the public to find it innocent that he got curious about Erdoğan's hotel, where tens of commandos were sent to kill him, one day before the coup attempt. He claims, “I was not involved in the coup, I have nothing to do with it and I do not know about it.”

Öztürk and Yazıcı are two blatant examples. All FETÖ members, from those with the biggest role to those with the weakest role in the coup attempt, are telling lies one after another.

They are doing it so convincingly that it is as easy as pie that you believe them and consider it a coincidence that they ended their leave and got back on task on the day of the coup. All of them are innocent and have good intentions. I think we, who took to the streets, eluded the coup and died and survived in this struggle, are evil.



Akif Emre, an editorial manager and writer of Yeni Şafak who is one of the founders of the newspaper, died as a result of a heart attack. I pray God has mercy on him, Emre, who is known with his strong character, and give patience to his family and friends.