Don't you have a part in this, oh Kemalists! - ÖZLEM ALBAYRAK

Don't you have a part in this, oh Kemalists!

Since it was seen that the Gülenist Terror Organization (FETÖ) is wild-eyed to crush the civilians with tanks, hunt the citizens with snipers and bomb Parliament; the secular factions, opposition parties have been implying that Justice and Development Party (AK Party) staff, voters and conservatives are the reason FETÖ became a headache for this country.

Their most common reproach is to say, "What is it that you wanted that we did not give?"

Among them, there are those who profit from saying, “Since I cannot explicitly defend the coup, let me hit the government over FETÖ since supporting this structure is no longer a shame, but a crime.

But even if it is difficult to confess, I think most of these people realized that the coup threat would crush them and us at the same time. That is why they are silent; even if their hands and tongues are not eager to be with the government against the coup, they do not try to legitimize this operation that has a clear foreign connection. At least for now…

But for us to come to this point, all the social groups in Turkey are partly responsible. There is the responsibility of those who call themselves religious conservatives; the secular faction, Republican People's Party (CHP) voters, sworn government oppositions… Because, yes, the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) and the pious people supported FETÖ, which they thought was a congregation once; but while doing this, neither the fact that FETÖ is a real rascal nor its CIA connections nor its agenda were revealed.

When they explained their secrecy, the hidden things they did, their precautions showing the reason, “We are escaping from the tyranny of the Kemalist state” – as the ones who personally experienced the tyranny of the Kemalist state – even if we attached annotations to their methods, we believed them.

However, since February 2012, when the undersecretary of the National Intelligence Organization (MİT), Hakan Fidan, was called to give a testimony, the intention of FETÖ members was revealed, its organization within the state was exposed, and their desire to design the politics-state was revealed.

Despite this, you, the government opposition, just because there was the risk to damage political power, you lowered the volume of your criticism toward FETÖ members; you became involved with the secret and open alliances with them. Since that day to now, the opposition leaders you supported planned election campaigns using FETÖ's theft-corruption arguments in every election.

You remained silent knowing what a dangerous organization FETÖ was for this state, country and nation.

If the target was to overthrow the government and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, you considered every road that leads to that target legitimate; you spread the statements of FETÖ.

However, you and I know that every road that leads to the target is not legitimate, if the country is in question, having no principles turns into a boomerang; look, it was returning and coming.

For example, all of us knew that the congregation was the owner of the Ergenekon case. Secular and Kemalists, you knew as well…

But you opposed the judgment of the soldiers, but the conservatives did not. How could we? The army has such a sinister and a mile-long record in the name of regime guards who have beaten so many pious people. When it was said, “The army was preparing for a coup” you could not find anyone who could have doubt in his heart.

At least that was my situation. Such that, in February 2013, it was both surprising and criticized that the first defense move came from Erdoğan when the Chief of Staff İlker Başbuğ was arrested for Ergenekon…

This happened. It was not the political will power who sued or prosecuted; but in the international public opinion the action to show Turkey as a marshal country that was administrated with dictatorship started for the first time with the Ergenekon cases.

In the Western press, all the lawlessness of FETÖ members was written on the government's account.

O Kemalists and seculars, although you saw this and knew the truth, you preferred the government's being in trouble for the cost you will pay in installments.

Journalists were jailed as well, and then came the discussions on the freedom of the press.

That was the work of FETÖ as well, but the international public opinion charged Turkey as the country.

You contributed the complaints to the foreigners with your English tweets, remember!

You saw that the aim on Dec. 17 and Dec. 25 was not corruption, but an operation against Erdoğan. But you as the old dominant of the country pretended as if you did not see this.

Your hatred for the conservatives' being in power did not end for years; with FETÖ's push, you lost yourself and were arm in arm with the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) Co-Chair Selahattin Demirtaş and the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK). You were filled with blind rage not to see what you did to your own country. I am still not sure whether the sonic bombs of the F-16s made you regain your consciousness…

The news on the National Intelligence Organization (MİT) trucks was only the pretext of the sentence “Turkey supports Daesh.” Everybody living in this country knows this. But as the government opposition, forget about telling the truth; you considered that as a gain. After this seed of disorder was sown again, whenever Turkey tried to say PKK, Democratic Union Party (PYD) and made a move to be a player in Syria, the Daesh card was placed in front of us by the international decision makers to deter Turkey. Oh, you seculars and Kemalists - or however you define yourself - calling yourselves patriotic; FETÖ did it and you furthered it; FETÖ set traps, you made a fuss; FETÖ violated the law, you blamed the government; FETÖ threw it from Pennsylvania and you caught it here. Namely, somehow you did it to Turkey…

It is true that the conservatives were very mistaken about the Fetullah Gülen issue; but there were good reasons for their good intentions. How about you secular Kemalists; for what purpose did you support FETÖ? Have you ever at least asked yourself this question?


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