July 15 cases: If it’s a joke, it isn’t funny; if it’s serious, it’s scary

Since the Fetullahist Terror Organization (FETÖ) cases started in Ankara and Istanbul, what we have repeatedly witnessed every day and what those who have not yet lost their sense of surprise have been repeatedly surprised at every day is here: FETÖ members are lying at courts in a hopeless, shameless and vile manner. When the organizations of such people fall into danger, there is no limit to what they can do and no threshold to how low they can fall. The detainees blatantly mocking Turkey and even the world indicates that there is a force they trust or that they are completely helpless – both of which are bad. 

What do we patriots need to do? Guarding against those who have nothing to lose, struggling for the establishment of justice either physically, verbally or in our hearts, and at least trying to prevent fattened coup-plotters in suits from showing off in courtrooms.

Well, what are we doing? I would like to quote the statements of the relatives of two victims of the July 15, 2016 coup attempt who were martyred in Istanbul's Çengelköy: Alpaslan Cambaz, the son of Yeni Şafak's martyred photojournalist and Ayşe Kantarcı, the wife of martyred Halil Kantarcı. They went to the courtroom where the July 15 Istanbul Case started in Silivri the day before. The case was opened to bring the coup-makers to be called to account for the murder of 89 people in Istanbul on the night of July 15, 2016. Let us see what they faced through their posts on social media:

Ayşe Kantarcı: “Our case will continue on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. In the meantime, we personally saw today that FETÖ members who have lamented for such a long time, saying, "They are not providing lawyers, they are behaving unlawfully toward us," are well cared for in prison. You are well-groomed in your suits and you are quite comfortable with your lawyers standing next to you. How did the judge, who did not tolerate the slightest words of the complainants' lawyers and martyrs' relatives, listen to a defendant's defense with tolerance and courtesy for more than three hours? Defendant Erdal Öztürk, who repeated the same sentences over and over again, made all of us say at the end, "Okay, you are right, enough is enough.” Eventually, we left the court, thinking that "they will sue us on charges of slander and nothing will happen to them."

Alpaslan Cambaz: “The hearing took a recess. Those who have talked in purple prose about July 15 for months did not embrace their cases on the day it was needed the most. Shame on us all. There were a handful of journalists and a few viewers in the courtroom. No kith and kin. We do not even have a lawyer. The state, which assigns a lawyer even for criminals of all kinds, could not assign lawyers for the families of martyrs. We felt like a stepchild as early as the start of the hearing. The huge hall was empty. Traitors dressed in suits were at the front and their lawyers were standing next to them. They took the families of martyrs to the back of the hall – right in front of the section where the viewers were. There was a great distance between us and our lawyers. A few journalists were sitting in the section we should have been sitting. Most of the seats were empty. Rightfully, we voiced our desire to be closer. We met with the court chair's harsh warning, saying that the Supreme Court commanded so and that we cannot make demands concerning the order. "I cannot see their suits clearly, sir!" I yelled. This time he said we could be expelled. The case proceeded annoyingly. When it went to recess and these traitors were surrounded by a wall of flesh, I shouted again: "While we are allowed to sit in the forefront of the protocol as the families of martyrs all over our country, why are we at the back in our own case? Can our supreme court not be fairer than ordinary organizations? In response to whose wishes is the courtroom so? I don't trust any of you. I'm going in now. This trial probably will not last long for me."

Since the beginning of FETÖ cases, that the detainees were brought to court in smart clothing has been crıtıcızed. No one wants to see them grin at the cameras with their red and fattened faces. I am aware that these are not direct factors in the establishment of justice, but we are talking about a hearing process in relation to an incident in which hundreds of people died and the whole of Turkey was involved in some way or another.

As for the establishment of justice, millions of anti-coup people in Turkey do not want FETÖ-linked judges, if they have not been completely liquidated, to hear the July 15 cases at least. Rightfully, a judge who says, “You can't call them murderers” in courtrooms annoys and hurts the relatives of martyrs and even us.

This is such a strange and senseless picture that even the sense of reality is offended. I think those who need to prevent this picture must take action immediately.