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Prime Minister didn"t say all

In the middle of 80s, we published the "February Epoch" as that particular February was the month of martyrs ranging from Malcolm X to Metin Yüksel.

Metin Yüksel was martyred at the Fatih Mosque"s snowy yard (after the end of Friday prayer) in February 23, 1979.

I wrote this line to the so-called stanza "The martyr Metin gave a smile / as if doves had flied away from his cheeks / his cheeks were still warm you would feel, even if you held snow in your hands". Imagine, I have never seen Metin in my life.

I was a student at Trabzon Highschool when he was martyred. I remember the day how I mourned for him with my late mother as if it were yesterday.

Besides the Yeni Devir news, we followed up on his martyrdom in one of the cult magazines, the "Shoora" which Yalçiner published and where Ali Bulaç (I call him the author with the bicycle) and Selahaddin Es Çakirgil and many other significant authors wrote.

Prior to the September 12 coup, at the times of "saved regions", my mother was such a brave Lazish woman who was courageous enough to take the gun from a political activist who came to our neighborhood. She told him "You will never come to our neighborhood with a gun again" and then she kicked him out. (Her courage got her the nickname "Tonyali").

I cannot describe how much her heart cried and burnt for a young Kurdish man, Metin Yüksel, whom she had never seen. There was an amazingly spiritual climate that connected us from east to west and north to south in the whole world.

The greatest boxer of all times Muhammad Ali, when asked, "Are you feeling lonely?" his reply was "What loneliness? I have 1 billion brothers". This was the expression of such spiritual hub.

Believers were brothers and if I say it in a wider context everyone who was giving struggle against oppressors as defendants of the rights were brothers, regardless of language, religion or ethnicity.

Today our brotherhood is under attack. Apparently, if they had not targeted our brotherhood, they couldn"t make any impact. That"s why Saudi-American terror organizations were brought out. Let"s remember what Kissinger said after 9/11 attacks "from now on, the conflict must occur among Muslims". What is happening is the summary of this uttered word.

Who was Metin Yüksel who claimed "The greatest prayer is to defend the truth?"

Apart from everything, he was the son of a great Muslim scholar, Molla Sadreddin Yüksel.

He was a family member whom Bediüzzaman Said Nursi had so much sympathy enough to confide him to his own students.

He was the nephew of Nurettin Mutlu, the Sheikh of Norshin (in Bitlis city) district, the words of whom the mysterious Zaman was trying to distort in pursue of its own legitimacy.

He was the elder brother of our newspaper"s authors, one of the unique intellectuals of Turkey, my dear friend Müfit Yüksel.

He was the friend of Mehmet Sahin, and Mehmet Ali Tekin, Hasan Kiliç.

One of the closest friends of Metin Yüksel, Mehmet Sahin was put in jail because of the Balyoz (Sledgehammer) case the same day when Çetin Dogan was released, whereas Sahin had been put in the prison for many years at the dominating time of West Study Group / BÇG that of Çetin Dogan.

As if the penal department no. 9 of the Supreme Court were taking a revenge for the statement of Prime Minister and Minister of Justice "there is no such organization as Salam". The court bombarded charges for involving illegal organizations to Mehmet Sahin, Mehmet Ali Tekin, Hasan Kiliç, Abdulhamid Çelik and a few others.

Yesterday Mr. Prime Minister commented on the release of the agents of placing hidden cameras in the office. He said "The December 17 is still continuing."

He is absolutely right. The situation is not simply an illegal tapping incident but an evident espionage.

Neither the report of Prime Ministry Inspection board is just an ordinary report nor is the office of PM an ordinary office.

True, Prime Minister is absolutely right when describing the situation as "December 17 is still continuing". However, this comment is insufficient to describe the whole situation because something else (in the judicial mechanism) has been going on for many years: February 28 process.

The difference between the mechanism of December 17 and February 28 is simply a naming such as "the old gladio" and "the new gladio". This is just a restoration of the same activity.

If this is not true, then why Salih Mirzabeyoglu, an author and thinker, has been in prison for 16 years? The martyr Metin Yüksel would recite his poem by heart

"You are in Eritrea, boy! You are in Moro / you are under oppression. From Turkistan to Azerbaijan, Crimea, drown in the sea of blood within the Middle East. The scream is a knot in me. The scream is a tear in my yes, the drop is a lost meaning on my cheek/ you are a stranger in this indecent order."

If not, then it is true…

Why Mehmet Ali Tekin, Yakup Köse and many others are confined to a life style denoting Necip Fazil Kisakürek"s novel "Insanity Extensions".

NOTE 1: I am happy to know that Security General Directorate is preparing a new regulation for a penalty that proposes 2 years of imprisonment and 1.400 Turkish Liras fine for drivers who illegally and idiotically shift the lanes during the traffic and risk the lives of innocent people and their properties. I hope that it will be enforced as soon as possible. In fact, it is still not enough. It is better if they are judged for committing murder with a complete attempt and better if they are banned from traffic lifelong.

Note 2: There are hypercorrections taking place everywhere. For example, in case of Arabic words, instead of mafton (provoked), proofreaders chose metfon (burried) or for marhoma (the deceased woman), they used marhom (the masculine form) which is a completely different meaning. Yesterday a reader got stuck with a phrase of mine "very fame". He is asking me "what is very fame?" It"s okay, I just ran out of my "ous" and wrote "fame" instead of "famous". No big deal. I also made the blunder by forgetting that elections take place once in 4 years and did wrong to my friend Sinasi because of that. Such things happen.

Note 3: I want to make a call to Ministry of Culture. Turn Ayse Sasa"s house into a museum please.



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