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Would Turkey forgive, when Iran didn't?

If we glance at the news in the media, we can see the “Parallel Structure” released the “Iranian Imam” to the market. It didn't surprise me! Even though I knew that they hated Iran and the revolution they've made in 1979 (in synchronization with the ... more

You will not be able to stop us

There was the Baas regime in Iraq, now the same regime is in Syria also. Saddam Hussein was “Sunni” at the same rate, with Assad being “Nusayri”.At the beginning, let’s state our dignity judgment initially. A tyrant does not have a sect; a tyrant is ... more

Is it disappointment or being surprised?

While we were humiliating the “new jerks of the new class”, who are naughty enough to attempt to tie up business in Umra, in this column, the “cursing saints” were praising the protestanization of Islam….While we were mentioning about “hunger that ki... more

The mentality remains the same…

I am no jurist but as an experienced citizen of the Republic of Turkey I can say that even if the lowlifes that murdered Özgecan Aslan are sentenced to life imprisonment they will walk free in 15-20 years at the most.This is how it has always been.Th... more

Without principles

Apparently they are against authoritarianism, apparently they support pluralism, and apparently they are independent thinkers and supporters of freedom.Whereas…They immediately engage in the character assassination of anyone who doesn’t think like t... more

Were we mistaken about Hakan Fidan?

Since I am almost always the last person to find out what everyone else already knows, friends and acquaintances say “what kind of journalist are you” in astonishment.I keep my distance from politicians and bureaucrats and the corridors of gossip. An... more

Excellent charlatans

The events in Paris can be linked to the children of the Maghreb reacting to French arrogance and discrimination.It could be called a form of social and cultural explosion.At the end of the day we are talking about a country where even Zinedine Zidan... more

‘Oh my! The PKK is slipping through our fingers’

While an environment saturated with clashes continued to exist i.e. body bags kept arriving, they gave us the runaround with their “suggestions for a solution.”They left no place unvisited.They “examined” all problems and how solutions were found for... more

The terror factories of the great Satan

Ever since the specter of the Arab Spring, all my fears regarding the region have come true one at a time. Now we will be talking a whole lot more about ISIL, terror, war. A whole lot more.I can’t remember the number of articles I have penned on this... more

The parallel way of capturing women

During the period when the nation was choosing their leader, I had postponed matters with high risk of manipulation to after the election.One of these was Bülent Arinç"s laughter "rebuke".No matter how much it will be glossed afterwards, the rebuke ... more


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