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Bahçeli"s weird Kılıçdaroğlu dream and other notes

In his dream, the Chinese philosopher Zhuangzi transforms into a butterfly. He was quite happy with becoming a butterfly. When he wakes up and realizes that he is not a butterfly, but a mere human, he becomes amazed.

He doesn"t stop at being amazed and he cites the following expression which will keep us "surprised" as long as the world exists: "I do not know whether I was then a man dreaming I was a butterfly, or whether I am now a butterfly, dreaming I am a man!.."

Such words of the aforementioned philosopher, who lived in the 4th century B.C. and is also known as Cuang Cou, weren"t cited in order to be used by today"s youth for Twitter, rather it was stated in order for them to question life to its extents.

Since Twitter came out, even the world"s most dashy and most brilliant aphorism has no more lifetime then butterflies.

So much so that...If Shakespeare had said his Hamlet expression, "To be or not to be", which was written between the years 1599 - 1601, this morning, believe me it wouldn"t have survived into the night.

Cemil Meriç used to like "recapping". One time, he stated that novels ended after Kemal Tahir and poems also faded out after Nazim Hikmet.

I hope our young poets and promising, talented 40-year-old poets won"t get upset, but I want to "recap" as well: "After Twitter, the poem had met its end!"

Likewise, "the word" had ended.

I"m quite sad; I love poems and poets even more.

I"m very irritated with Twitter for the harm it brought on poets.

Thus, I"ve always stayed away from it and I still am.

However, our newspaper"s editor responsible for internet publishing, my brother Ersin Çelik, has opened an account in my name.

I glance at the page and found out that in a short period of time I had close to 10,000 "followers".

Did that make me happy?

At a TV program (Because of my sickness for almost 3 months I haven"t participated in any TV program), when a debater said that he had thousands of followers on Twitter, I felt quite lonely.

Of course, it"s not that easy… In front of a person with thousands of followers, you are on your own.

All jokes aside, if you ask me, twitter and facebook (social media, etc.) won"t do anything other than increase a person"s loneliness.

My answer to the "Did that make me happy?" is: "Why would I be?!"

Leaving that aside, in the "following" part of the account there is the number 9, meaning I am following nine people.

However, I don"t even know who I"m following!

My brother Ersin told me that he wanted to give the password to me, but I told him to get it away from me. (It"s quite possible that people, who say "You are staying away from it for the sake of poets but poets are gadding about in twitter", might appear. I don"t know what else I can say. Look friends, before anything else, being a poet and poetical stance is two different subjects. There are not many people like Sezai Karakoç, who is a pure poet and possesses an unshakable poetical stance. I cannot even imagine him tweeting. For me, for instance, this is as impossible as imagining Yakup Aleyhiselam crossing the road.)

Some others had opened a facebook page in my name; it"s a "fan" (whatever that means) page.

A friend of mine was continually warning me, "Write something down and clarify this situation, you"ll never know, you might get in trouble." Taking this opportunity, I had noted this down in this article. Now, finally we can go back to our topic.

Where were we…..Oh right, Zhuangzi was inviting us to be "surprised" based on his dream.

The deceased Ayse Sasa used to name it as "astonishment" rather than "surprised".

(If you haven"t read her "A Spirit Adventure" and "Notes from Lunacy Country" books, then you are being unfair to yourselves.)

"Astonishment plateau", where people who reach there won"t be sad. And " My god please increase my astonishment" was between her dearie prayers…

"People are asleep; they wake up when they die!"

Then are the lives we are living only consist of a dream?

We walked back and forth and came back to the same expression: "I do not know whether I was then a man dreaming I was a butterfly, or whether I am now a butterfly, dreaming I am a man!.."

Miss Ayse used to quote this expression and would start from Tarkovski and finish with Arabi.

Innovative "Dream Cinema" conceptualization had coincided with the middle of the 90s.

The film "Inception" , written and directed by quirky director Christopher Nolan, was born in 2010. In other words, it"s almost 15 years after the "Dream Cinema".

Ultimately, the movie quarries with dreams and reality. Rightfully, youth had fallen in love with this movie. Most of them were in the "Is the life real or a dream or only consists of a simulation or are we all inside a butterfly"s dream!" mood.

In this movie, there was a lot of "chitchat" about installing ideas, stealing ideas and planting ideas.

In the "For Bread, Ekmeleddin" slogan, everyone was stuck at "Bread" but the concept is not "concrete", they are only playing via the "bread" verb. (Bread is "Ekmek" in Turkish, which is a synonym of "Planting")

Maybe you won"t believe but, in other words "For planting love, also Ekmeleddin".

The "Bread" verb (in the dream inside a dream) also has a dominant role in the movie "Inception".

I don"t really know layers are the opposition"s dream.

The custom-made "Roof candidate" idea belongs to who, and who "planted" this idea to whom in which dream is a complete mystery!

What"s more is, who exists in whose dream?

Do Bahçeli and Kiliçdaroglu only consist of Mr. Ekmeleddin"s dream?

However, this "Custom-made presidential candidate" weirdness seems like the torture Bahçeli does to mathematics in order to come to power.

At the most, the CHP Chairman, who makes the "wolf" symbol time to time, can be only Bahçeli"s "dream".


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