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First stretch your neck out and let them chop it, then you can bring them to account

During the December 17th coup d’état attempt, the attitude of the people who were saying “Let the judiciary reach a verdict” reminded me one of İsmet Özel’s words in his “Three Frank Music” poem; “Die First / Pay Later”….

In the “Supreme Court” mediation of the honorable, their attitude towards the Constitutional Court matter is unfortunately not that different.

However, after the consequence of the “judiciary” in the December 17th coup d’état attempt and the spreading of their dirty laundry right after, they were required to at least be prudent.

Especially, what was the “summary of proceedings”, for God’s sake?

As if the “insolence” in the form of “That period’s Prime Minister” was not enough, they have shown the tactlessness of presenting the Prime Minister of the Republic of Turkey as the leader of an “organization”…. The craftiness of thinking beforehand that “they will be referring to the Gülen-led group as an organization”…

It was you; who sentenced the Chief of General Staff to life sentence by accusing him of forming an “armed terrorist organization”; who referred to the Prime Minister of this country as “the leader of the organization”; who conducted an operation on the Lorries of the Intelligence Service in order to present the country as “the country that supports terrorism”…. Can anyone be a better example of an “organization?!

Also, was it reasonable to wait for justice from “the judiciary  mechanism”, which is the most active element of this “organization”?

How could you trust a judiciary mechanism, which imprisoned a conservative constable (Hanefi Avcı) for being a member of a leftist terrorist organization; which imprisoned an old religious scholar, who has Multiple Sclerosis sickness, with unbelievable intrigues during the “Taşhiye” operation; which “released” the criminal evidence for both “Taşhiye” operation and Zir Valley; which imprisoned the authors of unpublished books (Mustafa Kaplan and Ahmet Şık)?

Yes, I’m saying “judiciary mechanism”…

Because the “parallel prosecutors” are not conducting investigations, rather opening cases in the direction of the parallel police’s summary of proceedings, and the parallel judges were bound to rule these cases.

To summarize, all the decisions that were made beforehand were wangled.

In December 17th, they attempted to overthrow the “democratic political willpower” by wangling it, and “corruption” was used as a silencer.

So much so, that every statement that deciphered the notorious coup d’etat was suffocated by “Are you defending the thieves?”

Nobody was defending the thieves; rather everyone was revolting against the scam of pocketing the entire country of Turkey by hiding behind a couple of thieves.

There was only one intention: to crumple up Turkey.

In order to achieve that, they were required to collapse Turkey’s democratic political willpower.

In this cursed coup d’état attempt, the psychological warfare troops were toiling in matinee – soiree.

They had even backed the announcement of the parallel member prosecutor in front of the courthouse by stamping on the law.

Moreover, they even wanted this  strangeness to be perceived as “an action against the interference against independent judiciary”.

On December 17th, the “independent judiciary” put in such an “independent” appearance that they didn’t even listen to the Chief Prosecutor of Istanbul, Turan Çolakkadı. (After all, we refer to this “judiciary” as “parallel judiciary”.)

To cut it short: they want the political willpower to stretch their neck out to this judiciary that is independent from the law.

They had caused a ruckus inside and outside by saying; they had objected to the December 17 coup d’état attempt, some regulations had been done to make the judiciary only connected to the international law and be independent and neutral at the same time, and “they are interfering with the judiciary”.

Now, they are saying that the judiciary has reached a nolle prosequi regarding the inevitable ministers, so the judiciary is not independent.

These masters’ “judiciary” was “independent” when it attempted a coup d’état, and became “dependent” when it acted against them.

As a matter of fact, a judiciary that is dependent on law will/should object to any kind of coup d’état.

Some honorable persons were recommending that AK Party stretches its neck out to the “parallel judiciary mechanism”.

In other words, like the “Die First / Pay Later”, they were trying to say, “Let us chop off your head first and then you can bring us to account.”

Ultimately, this is all they are saying, even now.


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