Is it disappointment or being surprised? - SALIH TUNA

Is it disappointment or being surprised?

While we were humiliating the “new jerks of the new class”, who are naughty enough to attempt to tie up business in Umra, in this column, the “cursing saints” were praising the protestanization of Islam….

While we were mentioning about “hunger that kills hunger”, black politics, exploitation, labor deaths, barefooted people, poor people and oppressed people in this column, the upstart “oppositions” of our present day were refreshing their faith in the global financial system.

While we were writing about the necessity of always protecting the critical distance against the rulership….

Dumanlı’s Türköne Mümtazer announced his parliamentarian nomination candidacy from AK Party (in 2011) as follows; “As history is being written, I want to be on the side of the architects of this history and contribute towards the construction of the rising structure as much as I can / I’m giving a break to my journalism career, which I had been continuing in Zaman Newspaper for the last five years (…) It’s now time to leave the ivory tower and take on responsibility….”

When the racist, Zionist network struck Erdoğan out, we left the critical distance aside and supported Erdoğan.

Because this “shameless raid” of these earth sovereigns was not directed at Erdoğan, but rather, it was against his objection to tyrants. In other words, it was because of Erdoğan’s support towards the people, who had been oppressed, were treated unfairly, were slaughtered and banished from their countries….

This sad Erdoğan “antagonism” of Mümtazers and Ahmet Altans coincide with that time.

To make a long story short, “earth sovereigns”, who invade countries “with the ideal to bring democracy” and support the Sisi coup d’etat, had been mobilized with the subcontractor gangs in sync.


Before the “subcontractor gang” of the Racist Zionist network had gone into action (in other words, before 7 February 2012 and 17 December 2013) for example in 2011, they weren’t allowing anyone to speak ill of Erdoğan.

For example, in 2011, Ahmet Altan had written as follows in the Taraf newspaper; “I don’t know about others, but I’m saluting this splendid initiative, extraordinary brave leadership and vision of Erdoğan in awe and support him all the way…”

If the “proponent” denominative writers of our time came side by side, they wouldn’t write such a praise.

However, now, he is waiting for a coup against Erdoğan like a loser (or should I have said like a shrewd)!

At this point, some of you will be surprised saying “Ahmet Altan won’t wait for a coup”.

There were also some, who had been surprised at what I’ve written in 2009 under the title “Murat Belge’s military guarantee”. What happened?

You know, Safile Usul had stated the following in an interview at Gazeteport (In the part which had been presented with the “There won’t be a Shariah; the Military is the Guarantee” sub-title); “Turkish Army and bourgeois are institutions with a backbone. They protect laicism. Ayetullah and the likes won’t be coming close to this country…”

Also Ahmet Altan, in his causerie in Hürriyet newspaper the other day, said; “Coup-minded people had turned into heroes of the Greek tragedia. They became a shield in front of the rulership, which they’ve tried to destroy 10 years ago….”. 

What’s this, being surprised or a disappointment?

What’s the difference between saying “Before TSK (Turkish Armed Forces) used to keep civil democratic rulership under the guardianship, now they became shields in front of the rulership” and this?

I would like to draw your attention especially to the “shield” word.

The elders used to call this kind of situation as “a brave gypsy speaks of his thievery while talking about his bravery”, what should we call it?

Let’s ask Ahmet Altan; Who are those “coup-minded people”, and, how and why have they become a “shield” for the rulership?

If those are some coup loving civil focuses, for example Oda TV or Enlightened circles, then they are cursing the rulership everyday. Besides, they were the prominent ones of the “Gezi supporters”, which Ahmet Altan found “very promising”.

Truly, who are these “coup minded people” that became a “shield” for the rulership?

Are those the couple of retired soldiers, who barely saved their neck in the Sledgehammer case, and who don’t even have the position to become a “shield” for themselves?

Yes, this question is crucial.

Because, the coverage area of the “coup minded people” and “shield” statements are hidden in the answer of this question.

Of course, Ahmet Altan is not speaking of “coup” headlong like his “professor brother”, he is more impressive.

Who are these "pro-coup mindset" ones acting like a 'shield' to the rulership?

He is also not like Can Dündar, who directed weird questions at Kılıçdaroğlu to have him say “if the conditions are right, then a coup becomes inevitable”.

He is definitely not like Hasan Cemal, who looked like being possessed by “Oktay Ekşi” and threatened Erdoğan with Menderes' outcome.

He is more cunning then the rest; after all, he has the ability to dominate words.

If it had been Emin Çölaşan, he would have said “What a shame, the Turkish army entered into the government’s service!” instead of “Coup minded people (….) became a shield in front of the rulership…”.

Çölaşan has never been sneaky and crafty like them.

These people are so crafty that, while objecting to coups they will be wearing a “No pasaran” camouflage and support the people, who are preparing the road for a coup.

These are such people that when their denominational privileges are under risk, they will wait for the coup, and they will be the first ones to object to this coup when it happened.

These people are……

They are like the mafia leaders, who send a wreath to the funeral of the person they’ve killed. My brothers, know them well.


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