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Let them think that they won a victory

From Amberin Zaman to Cemal Hasan , from Etekli Yakup to Uğur Dündar, they have been so happy that a person that doesn't have anything to do would watch them.

I don't know about you, but I am having a lot of fun.

And also, to say the truth, I am happy for them. Perhaps they can psychologically get well a little bit. For God's sake, didn't you see Cemal Hasan 's behavior? At that age he became like a naughty kid escaping after breaking the window, alas.

Well of course, after being defeated again and again. A person has no nerves left after that.

That's why I don't want anyone to wake these friends up.

Let them sleep!

Let them think that they won a victory.

What will they get when they remember AK Party that was established by our dear President Erdoğan on August 14, 2001, on November 3, 2002 (in the first election it participated in) set off with a 34.29 percent vote rate, came into power alone for three periods, in spite of the external and internal dirty alliance on June 7, 2015, getting 41 per cent of the votes outdid 15 percent to its closest rival CHP ?!

What will happen if they confront the truth that AK Party received 41 percent of the votes, even if it was subject to the terrible plots, with the coup attempt it suffered from character assassination and participated in the election with its new chairman!

Do you want them to go mad completely?

If you ask me, let's not only be contented with not awakening them. Let's meet with comprehension and mercy their behaving as if another party apart from AK Party got 41 percent.

Let them discharge the energy they accumulated with the “we had the victory" consolation. Otherwise, with this malicious energy, they will both poison themselves and everyone they touch- God forbid. They are very naive.

AK Party sets itself goals as a “red apple" for 2071. I wonder whether they believed that and that's why they are so happy.

As long as they have minds like that, everything can happen!

How can a party established in 2001 be in power till 2071; what is it to be in power for 70 years without interruption? A person becomes bored to death!

Among them, the most intelligent, communicator, academician, I don't know who else are talking as “voters say stop to the dictator".

Actually, who is the “dictator"?

A man who the voters can say “stop" or “an idiot" to, who says “ the ballot box is not everything".

When I said “idiot", I remembered something. Mine K. Kırıkkanat was not only happy with the election results, but also she did what suited her through twitter: “Aziz Nesin was wrong. Sixty percent of the people are not idiots; it's 41 percent."

If she didn't have rocks in her head, she would have understood that she was shooting her own foot; how on earth! If we go according to her, Aziz Nesin said 60 percent of Turkish people were idiots. Excuse me?

Among them, only Cemal Hasan has the right to be happy.

If you ask why, in Qandil, he had said to Karayılan among the leaders of the terror organization, PKK, “In Turkey, some circles say that this time Kurds will sell Turks out and while taking what they want, will make Erdoğan president …"

HDP's co-chair memorized the words like, “We won't make you president; we won't, we won't."

It means that…

Cemal Hasan's “Kurds" will not make Dear Erdoğan, who started the “peace process", president, even if he had to drink hemlock poison.

Well what will they do?

They will make Kılıçdaroğlu prime minister. He once said, “Where is Ergenekon? Let me go to become a member there." He viewed the Dersim Massacre as ordinary under the conditions of the revolution, opened a park in Mahmut Esat Bozkurt 's name, who said “ Those who do not come from the pure Turkish race have only one right in this country: that is to be a servant, to be a slave", and also they will make Bahçeli deputy prime minister who sees the peace process as betraying the country.

I congratulate Cemal Hasangiller

He resisted for peace and he won.

Don't worry; the war he was waiting for will return, our children will be martyred, as he did in the old days, and he will continue to say, “ Be Entrusted to Peace ".


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