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Mr. Ekrem, do you know what "free" means?

The merry Ramadan eid holiday has arrived and I don"t want to break anyone"s heart because of that, but I am obligated to write a few words for the sake of the truth to remind people of certain facts.


The editor-in-chief of the Zaman has blabbered many times over Husayn and Yazid characterizations.

I told him earlier on a TV show – as he is ignorant on this topic – he should read on the issue in order to talk about it correctly.

Since he did not take the tip, he is plowing ahead with the same foolish-courageous way in full speed.

In order to back up the well-known "officers", including some old intelligence service directors who have been arrested with forgery of documents, he said, "There are Yazids at every time."

Of course, he did not stop there and was carried away with it by saying, "But there are Husayns at every time. Instead of being a Yazid, we prefer to be a Husayn. However, just because we preferred to be a Husayn, it does not mean we will yield to Yazid nor will this nation".

Pal, what are you talking about?

Do you know who Husayn is and how he became the symbol of Karbala and what does the rise of Husayn mean? Is it convenient to ramble about things without having a slight bit of information on the "choice of the free" as an editor-in-chief of a newspaper?

True, you don"t know about it my friend.

If you knew a slight bit of it, you wouldn"t say, "Just because we have turned into Husayn, it does not mean we will yield to Yazid."

Because "to be a Husayn" already means not yielding.

For example, being a "Husayn" does not mean backing up those who forge a "Tawheed-Salam organization" for the persecution of hundreds of Muslims through the same fabricated organization"s name, as if it wasn"t enough that their lives were turned into torment during the February 28 process.

To be a "Husayn" means to rise against the pragmatic administration, any strategic depth of the reel politics and of course the "taaghoot" ("false gods"), the oppressor.

Pal, do you remember the "taghoot" now?

In one of your articles, you said, "Oh, what happened to the idea that the state was taghoot?" in order to insult the "Islamists".

Right after that, you bragged about being one of those who respected the laws, the order, and the state.

The fact about being "Husayn" is to rise against the laws and the order of your "fascist state" which you constantly respect.

To be a Husayn does not mean showing consent to be the nation for the state as it means to resist in order to establish the state of the nation, even if you remain as the only person.

In other words, instead of pursuing a world victory, to be a Husayn means to resist against persecution even when everyone yields to it.

Otherwise, Husayn would not have risen with 72 people against Yazid who had thousands of soldiers in Karbala.

To be a "Husayn" means to rise against the authority of the oppressors without any bit of fear and the calculation of a "pragmatic" interest.

To be a "Husayn", by no means, means to present Turkey, which became the candle of hope for the oppressed, to the west as a country fostering the terror by means of backing up the well-known operations against the trucks in Adana.

It means to stand against the "Israeli state terror" on the Mavi Marmara case, which martyred our brothers including the 17-year-old Furkan Dogan.

In other words, my dear friend, "to be a Husayn" does not mean saying, "It is a transgression of the authority acting without the approval of Israel".

Well do you know what "free" means?

According to the martyr, Dr. Ali Shariati, it does not mean to make a choice between "good" and bad".

It"s a choice of being free…

Between those who adopt justice as their basis and those who adopt fraudulence as their basis, namely the parallel masjid (masjeed deraar) and the genuine masjeed, it is a choice between those who deceive people by means of God"s religion, those who worship the servants of God, and those who worship no one other than God.

Dear brothers and sisters, the war against religion is continuously persisting everywhere.

The late Shariati sloganeered the words of Imam Sadeeq: "All days are Ashoora, all places are Karbala and all months are Moharram" as "Everyday is Ashora, every place is Karbala".

Those who take the path of the free and Husayn.

They never set plots against a leader whom the proud, multinational Yazids and the racist Zionist network have already and clearly crossed its name.

Those who take the path of the free and Husayn side with the "new Turkey", which has been the only candle of hope for the oppressed crying under persecution ranging from Myanmar to Gaza, even at the cost of their self-negation.


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