‘Oh my! The PKK is slipping through our fingers’ - SALIH TUNA

‘Oh my! The PKK is slipping through our fingers’

While an environment saturated with clashes continued to exist i.e. body bags kept arriving, they gave us the runaround with their “suggestions for a solution.”

They left no place unvisited.

They “examined” all problems and how solutions were found for them in every place ranging from Africa to Europe and boasted about it all the time.

Everyone was entranced by these “gentlemen.” Their efforts for “peace” were hailed and blessings rained down on these peace-loving men.

Something occurred that left these “gentlemen” disgruntled. Something major occurred.

Turkey moved the talks on the “Kurdish issue” from Oslo to Ankara. It was the “parallel forces” (Parallel structure is the term used to denote the Fetullah Gülen-led movement) that first entered the fray on Feb. 7, 2012 (The National Intelligence Organization crisis.)

They didn’t succeed.

Turkey displayed the will to solve the “Eastern Question” on its own without the involvement of third parties and officially initiated the “peace process.”

The aforementioned “gentlemen” were dismayed.

One of them was even regretting such a move. Was this even possible before Jonathan Powell could recount with gusto his friend’s account of the reconciliation process in Colombia?

How could a “peace process” be carried out without any road markers?

They were so enraged that one could be led to think that the “third party” had involved them.

Just like the clichéd “bad guy” in Yeşilçam movies they would say, “you suckers did not even manage to do one thing right…get out of my face. Don’t return until the peace process is at an end. Get lost!”

They went to the east engulfed in major panic.

They told whoever they met with in the East, “What is going on. The AKP did not give you what you want. Why are you making peace…?”

It didn’t work.

This time they went to the mountains and asked young kids who were not even 20 as yet, “don’t you find it difficult to lay down arms?”

They didn’t manage to bring back “a climate of conflict.” The “peace process” continued with persistence and body bags were not coming in.

Their petulance increased even more.

It isn’t easy of course. They had scraped their knees on the floor. They started reacting in a silly manner like spoiled children that have their toys taken away from them.

They labeled Mr. Erdoğan, who took a risk akin to consuming poison hemlock (or ending his political career) to initiate the “reconciliation process,” as “authoritarian” and “dictator.”  (Of course we need to understand these “gentlemen” as well. The AK Parti would win the elections but the “aims of the ideals they had established” would continue unabated. That was their groundless imagination.)

It didn’t happen.

Quite the opposite, the respect for Erdoğan in the eyes of the public kept growing as they kept attacking.

This time they attacked the other side of the “reconciliation process.” One of them on the inside said, “let us see the bigger picture when it comes to the ‘process and the role being played or expected of Abdullah Öcalan.’”

Another one made the threat “Öcalan should consider this properly,” reminiscent of the threat “be advised Orhan Pamuk” made by Yasin Hayal to Orhan Pamuk in front of the court.

For them, when just like Mandela, Öcalan said “peace” it meant the situation was dire. (Öcalan had not said we fought a futile proxy war.) 

When these “gentlemen” who are proxies for the Zionist network failed to obtain a result from İmralı, (the prison island where Öcalan is serving his life sentence) they started incurring a panic attack, thinking “Oh my! The PKK is slipping through our fingers.”  

They were thinking, “What does the AKP think. Does it think the PKK is their nongovernmental organization?” And then they started trying to influence the PKK by pointing the finger at the AK Parti and telling them “why don’t you fight. Can there be peace without democracy being attained first?”

They didn’t succeed yet again.

When a “mixture” ranging from Mustafa Keser’s soldiers to Kaypakkaya’s soldiers surfaced during Gezi, they saw it as the ultimate opportunity and tried to be the “adhesive” that would join them together.

Forget adhesive they tried to lead from the front in Gezi. They failed yet again.

They jumped around with joy during the coup attempt of Dec. 17 and said, “this time we will succeed.”

The “parallel forces,” which wanted to use corruption as a silencing tool and make the ruling party step down, wagged their tongues endlessly to create legitimacy for the “judiciary,” their most vital pillar in this process.

They even incorporated that infamous ugly statement “everything is not just about the law. Democracy can be attained with a coup as well.”

If these “gentlemen” are not celebrating like it is a holiday now that news has started flowing in about people being martyred, then I admit to being clueless.


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