The shocking telephone chat between Bahçeli - Kılıçdaroğlu - SALIH TUNA

The shocking telephone chat between Bahçeli - Kılıçdaroğlu

Erdogan does not need anyone to be the president because his activities have been obvious..

Everything is clear, out in the open. There"s no comparison..

On the other hand, why would this nation elect an "imported" professor from Egypt (I am stressing "professor" because this is what is written on the campaign posters), instead of a leader who stopped the bloodshed of the last 30 years through the "resolution process" and advanced Turkey to a level at which it now lends money to the IMF rather than having to pass midnight laws due to the IMF"s directives.

What do you take this nation as?

Let us cut to the chase; all the matters now is with what percentage of the votes Erdogan will be elected.

In this sense, for those who argue for the formula "For Tayyip, Ekmeleddin" are not entirely wrong.

Because all the situations of the "professor" help Erdogan"s votes increase.

For example, his situation at Mehmet Akif Ersoy"s grave was quite serious, beyond a blunder.

In fact, it was quite interesting.

So much so, that even if a scandal tape involving an unpleasant dialogue or a video featuring an inappropriate scene would have been leaked to the media, it wouldn"t have damaged his campaign that much.

How shall I put it… Well, if Mr. Ekmeleddin hypothetically had said to Mr. Erdogan: "You deserve to be the president more than anyone. I want to contribute to the country. Please tell me what I can do, "Mr. Erdogan would have asked at best "Keep on this path professor. Your existence is enough".

Mr. Erdogan wouldn"t have asked for more.

I guess he wouldn"t have asked for more.

I think Erdogan wouldn"t have imagined asking a favor as such:"Mr. Ekmeleddin, since you want my election with the majority of votes, do me a favor. Go to Mehmet Akif Ersoy"s grave, show off telling people he was my father"s friend. Then try to read the National Anthem by spelling each line like those 40-year-old guys who finished literacy courses at the time of Kenan Evren. And if someone will ask from which poem it was taken, tell them it"s the "Çanakkale Matryrs" and then let it go."

I wonder what MHP and CHP leaders thought about this inconceivable situation of the "professor". Of course, I wouldn"t listen or quote a telephone conversation by means of tapping.

Well, I don"t know what you think, but I am very much curious to know.

Apart from everything, the kind of information that has been gathered illegally is illegal itself.

Now, I am going to set this whole conversation as a scenario into a plot just like in an old-fashioned sketch and parody setting and see how it works.

BAHÇELI- It would have been better if he didn"t read that poem.


BAHÇELI- What am I going to ask?

KILIÇDAROLU- I mean I agree with you, you are right!

BAHÇELI- I am right but who is paying attention? I told you at the beginning this wouldn"t work.

KILIÇDAROGLU- I said the same as soon as I heard his name.

BAHÇELI- Yes, but it happened.

KILIÇDAROGLU- Yes. Unfortunately. However, I beg your pardon, which candidates did you oppose?

BAHÇELI- No, I cannot tell you on the phone.

KIIÇDAROGLU- Don"t be scared, they are all arrested now.

BAHÇELI- Well that"s great; it"s better that it happened so.


BAHÇELI- But you are telling the opposite in the public. The previous day one of your MPs defended these in front of the judiciary.

KILIÇDAROGLU- Don"t mind that. This is only our official opinion. You think the picture was not good?

BAHÇELI- As I said : Well that"s great, better it happened so. For what reason did they wiretap the head of the National Intelligence, the President, the Prime Minister, the Chief of the General Staff? The state will cut these illegal ears. I wish we had cut them, instead of them.

Kiliçdaroglu – Cut what?

BAHÇELI- He shouldn"t have read that poem.

KILIÇDAROGLU- The… what?? Oh oh oh alright! Well the guy likes reading poetry. He even translated a poem by Nazim Hikmet.

BAHÇELI- Into Turkish?

KILIÇDAROGLU- Nazim Hikmet is already Turkish!

BAHÇELI- Well you never know… this guy can do everything! That"s how I got myself into trouble; because of him.

KILIÇDAROGLU- You mean you or I ? I won"t be surprised if I lose my party chair seat. I am kinda wearing out already. It was great that you called the guy Mr. "Emsalet".

BAHÇELI- And it was great that you called him "Ekmeloglu".

KILIÇDAROGLU- Ah, well, the guy thinks he made me pay for it after his answer!

BAHÇELI- What? He gave you an answer! Wow, believe me I haven"t heard of that.

KILIÇDAROGLU- Well he called me "Kemal Alemdaroglu". He then tried to cover it up by saying "well I was tired and so I had a tongue twister" but I got the message. He wanted to say that if you cannot properly say my name, I won"t say your name correctly.

BAHÇELI- Well, you know I mistakenly called him "Emsalet", but if he does what he did to you, I will make him pay for it so bad.

KILIÇDAROGLU- What can you do? You don"t have another choice at the moment.

BAHÇELI: Well, at least I won"t vote for him.

KILIÇDAROGLU- Well, I am already not going to vote for him!


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