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The terror factories of the great Satan

Ever since the specter of the Arab Spring, all my fears regarding the region have come true one at a time. Now we will be talking a whole lot more about ISIL, terror, war. A whole lot more.

I can’t remember the number of articles I have penned on this subject.

I kept saying, until my jaws ached, that being dragged into this “Syrian strife” by calling it a “revolution” will mean nothing more than the West occupying the region.

My summation was that the (region was being cleaned up) for the “terror state of Israel” to a precisely maintained schedule.

I wasn’t able to make myself heard.

Anyway, I wouldn’t have been able to make myself heard to those that kept on saying “Syrian revolution” but kept praising Saudi Arabia, the most rampant promoter and sponsor of the Sisi coup d’état. 

Since the only thing they were capable of understanding was to unleash a barrage of accusations against those opposed to the “operation,” I sought inspiration from a Salih Mirzabeyoğlu poem: “The place and time don’t matter/ whether the name is Bashar Assad/ or whether the name is Sisi/ dogs resemble one another…” (August 19, 2013. Yeni Şafak)

I don’t know who these people are, what cloth they were swaddled in, or in which diapers they were raised.

They call themselves “Islamists”, but I realize that they won’t rest until every last Muslim has broken each other down.  

They are strange, very strange.

After writing my article titled “Please let us not fall into this dirty trap”, I received such repugnant reactions from “ISIL intelligentsia” that you will find hard to comprehend.  

To cut a long story short, our seasoned occupiers have entered the region anew, thanks to the support of those mired in a bigoted sectarian stance and some imbeciles.

This is unfortunately the summary of what has elapsed.

Two things will do the talking in the region now: Weapons and lies. As the chimneys of weapons factories belch smoke, the chests of our children will be shred to pieces.

ISIL will last precisely as long as it requires the West to occupy the region.

Then we will be faced with a scenario akin to that of Bin Laden’s fate in the ocean. 

Now that I have mentioned “weapons and lies,” let us break from our narrative and cast a quick glance at the years of WWII.  

As mentioned in one of my first columns here on November 30, 2005, “Just like it launched its “Star wars” to exhaust the aliens and used the excuse of the existence of chemical weapons to swoop down on the poor Iraqi people,” let’s see what basket of lies America hid its pretty weapons in during that period.

In the field of physics, particularly nuclear physics, Germany was far ahead of all other countries.

For example, Planck had introduced quantum theory at Berlin University. At the same university, Einstein acquainted the world with his general theory of relativity. Heisenberg had buried Newton’s mechanics with his uncertainty principle.

Don’t ignore it because it is Heisenberg. He researched everything from physics to philosophy. He did not spare anyone from his tongue either. He warned Hitler that by taking away the Jewish academics, a blow would be dealt to Germany’s physics research.  

Hitler was an idiot of the utmost degree and couldn’t be reasoned with.

Heisenberg was sure the allied forces would win the war due to technological superiority. Instead of weeping over Germany being dragged down due to Hitler, he engaged in research to help rebuild his country with the aid of nuclear energy after the major destruction he expected.

He excitedly greeted Otto Han’s splitting of Uranium, on one hand; and on the other, worried that the physicists driven away by Hitler would make an atomic bomb in America.

Certain circles tried to convince U.S. President Roosevelt about the German atomic bomb project. Roosevelt, unlike Bush, did not jump on it blindly. He brought Dr. Moore into play.

Dr. Moore was nothing more than a pseudonym for Einstein. 

As you must have gathered, Einstein had immigrated to America and leveled accusations at Heisenberg and his circle, who he worked with in the quantum field once.  

The fact is that these were lies that came to light after Heisenberg’s arrest.

Work on the atomic bomb started under the leadership of Robert J. Oppenheimer in 1942 and lasted three years. Dozens of scientists, including Jewish physicists who had emigrated from Germany, were part of the project.

The first test was carried out in New Mexico on July 16, 1945. The second test was carried out in Hiroshima on August 6, 1945.

What did you think?

Of course, it was nothing more than a test.

The excuse that it was to break Japan’s resistance is an absolute lie. Japan’s resistance had gone after the surrender of Germany. 

Heisenberg and Hahn are in a shelter.

A voice on the radio announces that an atomic bomb has been dropped on Hiroshima. Otto Hahn is frozen and rooted to the spot. This great find has been stained by such a preposterous act.

Heisenberg places the moral blame on all physicists and tells Hahn: “We are all responsible for this devastation.”

The choice of vessel always reveals whether something is true or not. All nuclear weapons are weapons of terror.  

Those that want to destroy the weapons of terror are obliged to forego the “terror of weapons.” And weapons cannot be hidden with lies.

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