Would Turkey forgive, when Iran didn't? - SALIH TUNA

Would Turkey forgive, when Iran didn't?

If we glance at the news in the media, we can see the “Parallel Structure” released the “Iranian Imam” to the market.

It didn't surprise me!

Even though I knew that they hated Iran and the revolution they've made in 1979 (in synchronization with the U.S. – Israel), I was not surprised.

Sometimes their Iran hatred recurs and they do not abstain from branding the ones, who are saying, “Should we fight against Iran, with whom we did not have any conflict since the 1639 Kasr-ı Şirin Agreement? What's your problem?” with the “Iranians' butler” label.

Their hatred turned into material for the pitiless psychological war they put up against the democratic political willpower in the recent period.

They started to call everyone, who didn't suit their book, as “Iran's agents”. There were even ministers between the people whom they slandered as “Muta supporters”.

In their identity massacre or discredit campaign over Iran, they disregarded intelligence, mercy, mind and logic.

So much that they have gone nuts enough to name Mr. President as “Iran's agent”.

Since I'm acquainted with these, I wasn't even a little surprised when they've presented the “Iranian Imam”.

When we consider the point arrived at in the U.S. – Iran relations (the nuclear energy agreement at Lausanne), this was quite normal.

Ultimately, it's now known that they are working in connection with the U.S. – Israel network. We cannot argue over that anymore.

However, they will still pay attention to perception management. In other words, their presentations to the domestic and foreign markets will be different.

Just as they have presented the government of the Republic of Turkey as Iran supporters to the domestic media, and as the supporter of Al Qaeda, who is the most severe enemy of Iran, to the foreign media.

Don't they know that this tumbling destroyed their reputation; this cunning to assume the blind universe is dullard…

Anyway, when the “Iranian Imams” make field research and illustrate the “People's Fighters” to the structure they are members of, they will remind people with this simple reality; No nation forgives infidelity!

The “People's Fighters” was an organization that had been established in the middle of the 60s under the lead of Mesut Recevi.

They also had a strong intellectual structure that cannot be compared to the Parallel supporters/members. They also had a significant contribution in the overthrowing of the Shah with the 79 revolution.

After the revolution, they parted ways.

The Iranian Islam Revolution's Guide, Imam Khomeini's veto towards Recevi's presidency candidacy, had been the beginning of the end for the organization.

Alongside their power, they were also a different organization. What I call different is; they were disabled with Islam and Marxism.

They started the struggle.

Their “anti-capitalist Muslim” expression found no reaction from the community. Because, they were facing an Imam, not a Shah.

When it didn't work out, they implemented terror.

They had slaughtered 72 people from the leaders of the revolution, including Beheşti.

They put their signature to many bloody attacks. Sabotage and assassination were abundant. (They also attempted an assassination on Hameney.)

In1981, their headquarters moved to Paris.

Within the direction of the U.S.-Israel axis, they joined forces with Saddam, who was fighting in commission, for 8 years against their own nation.

Thus, in the eyes of the Iranian community, they declared that they have ended.

No community forgives organizations that fight against their own country on behalf of other countries.

Iran's public changed the name of “People's Fighters”. No, not to “Assassins”; but to “People's Hypocrites”.

Before long, the U.S. had taken this notorious organization, which claims to be a member of the Islamist Socialist idea, into their “service”.

Before taking them into their service, the U.S. removed them from the terrorist organizations list in 2009.

By revealing Iran's nuclear secrets, the “People's Hypocrites” requited this “service”.

This was nothing other than espionage activities!

In 2009, the U.S. wanted to introduce this organization, which proved themselves by giving every kind of logistical service, to market in order to start the “Iran Spring”; however, it didn't happen. What happened was; yesterday's socialists turned into “America's Hypocrites”.

I hope that the parallel structure's “Iranian Imam” will tell the organization he is a member of the status of the prestigious organization of the revolution days, “People's Hypocrites”, in the eyes of the Iranian community.

As we've said, no nation forgives treason.

Our nation will not forgive this parallel structure, which placed a bug in the Prime Ministry office, revealed the most confidential meeting of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the help of a spy bug, entered the cosmic room and served up all the secrets after acquiring them, gathered signatures from the U.S. House of Representatives and American senators for Kerry's letter against Turkey, conducted lobby activities everywhere ranging from the European Parliament to EU countries, conducted every kind of conspiracy (including making operations on the MIT lorries) in order to present Turkey as a country that supports terrorism in the eyes of the international community, and exploited the good intention of the nation and the sincerity of the base.


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