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Would you please make a prayer?

Eight years ago, some person said, "Sayyid Hossein Nasr has a very interesting remark. He told us the West lives with lies and the east sleeps on the truth."

That person also said that the west has no legacy of humanity. Despite this, it is active and we are snoring while sleeping on the treasure chest.

Who is this person?

Ayse Sasa…

The name on her identity card is Ayse Mihriban Oran.

That is, a kind of spirit devoted to evoke us, a kind of sage, who taught us to look at the life from a point of astonishment.

I have never met another person like her who expressed her excitement and great love regarding the values she believed in. She believed in caring, loving and supporting them. She believed in recalling and spreading, discovering them and wanted others to discover them.

I have discovered many "values" first through her.

I have told this earlier but let me repeat it: I have only happened to know one of our columnists Yusuf Kaplan to be this serious intellectual who pondered about movies only after his "Yesilçam Diaries".

For many years, I have had long, lovely conversations from movies to scenarios at the Society of Science and Art with Ayse Sasa. Sometimes our conversations on the phone went on until midnight.

Speaking more correctly, I have had the honor of benefiting from this great scenario writer of Turkish theater whom I call my "master".

I cannot describe the level of relief I feel for knowing that even in most hard times of mine, she was only a "hello" away from me.

Whenever I felt desperate, I found healing after talking with her.

I have known that she was sick for some time.

I was so afraid to ask about her health condition in that every time I would have my heart at my mouth because I was concerned to receive some bad news.

And yet, she didn"t care about her health. She was asking about my illness instead and recommending ways for treatment.

In her last conversation with my wife she told her not to mention about her own aggravating condition.

Apparently, she knew that I would feel upset.

Since the time she was taken to the hospital and to the intensive care unit, I have requested from many to make prayers and even so I found myself at the "Eski Cami" in Edirne.

I am still under shock.

Last week on Thursday night, I went with my dear friend Sacit Özen to the Safa Hospital in Bagcilar to the intensive care unit.

I couldn"t get proper information. Anyways, there was no one at that hour except us.

I felt myself so lonely that I recalled an anecdote. At that point, her work "A spirit"s adventure" came to my mind with an anecdote. The work was about how modernism preached empty things. At the same time, it related how a person who experienced the peak of this life, the peak of its peak even was simply a state of insanity. This insanity made the feeling of transition from depression into a miraculous relief.

My dear Ayse Sasa told about her heart-aching childhood anecdote: "I was around 7 or 8. I wrote on a piece of paper "I am a very lonely kid, please let anyone who finds this paper call me". I put the note into a bottle and then set to watch it drifting away in the sea."

I felt like I was that kid while waiting at the intensive care room where Mrs. Ayse was in.

In fact, I felt this for all of us regardless how old we were. Indeed, when we are confronting the moments of death we are only in the "lonely children choir".

With all these thoughts, at that night, we left the intensive care room and went to the Dergah which Mrs. Ayse adhered to.

After Mr. Tugrul Inançer gave us a talk regarding "the remembrance of God", as if he translated the idea of death in our minds, he quoted from Rumi where he mentioned about the angel of death, Azrael as the "lover taking someone to the lover".

"Come over, over here/ O the lover who will take me to the true lover, come over, over"

Thus, there was no loneliness for the one who found the true lover, never ever.

Please make prayers for Ayse Sasa who incessantly talked about this truth


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